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Evelyn Sui Man Chan

Evelyn Chan


  • Honours Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Japanese Studies from McMaster University
  • Marketing Diploma from McMaster University
  • Photography Program certificate from Sheridan College


eLearning Development | Digital Marketing | Social Media | Photography


Evelyn’s has a deep rooted passion for photography. Her earliest experience with photography was as a child when her mother allowed Evelyn to borrow her Kodak Instamatic camera, she was hooked from that moment. Sadly, since then her mother has passed, but losing her mother focused her passion for photography and she has always made it a part of her studies and work wherever possible.

Currently Evelyn offers her photography services to a private higher education organization. She also has her own company focused on maternity and wedding photography. Evelyn is embracing her digital media studies and simultaneously advancing her training in photography. Food and commercial photography is an interest she wishes to pursue in the future.

Why Digital Media?

Evelyn's interest in digital media began as a student at McMaster University where she worked as a Digital Media Specialist in eLearning education development. Evelyn feels that Digital Media is not only about the creation of multimedia projects with graphics, audio, animations, and videos, but that it covers much more, especially for entrepreneurs. As such, Evelyn would like to enhance her education in Digital Media to expand her knowledge in order to launch her own career in the world of digital media and photography.

Final Project

Evelyn is planning to build a product that solves the location searching pain that wedding photographers and their clients face.