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Rhandy Adolphe

Rhandy Adolphe


  • Bachelor of Environmental Studies from York University
  • Post Graduate Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Seneca College

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Why Digital Media?

From a young age, Rhandy Adolphe has had a cosmic infatuation with the world of music. Wanting to share this passion with the rest of the populace, he created a blog to share his new musical discoveries with others. Despite creating this portal to engage music lovers, Rhandy felt he needed to apply proven digital marketing techniques to reach larger audiences. Ryerson’s Master of Digital Media program appealed to Rhandy for this particular reason and he has proudly intermingled his research projects with the development of his blog.

Intended Focus

Rhandy is working with classmates Chris, Tyler, and Phil to develop Materialyze. Based in Toronto, this startup emerged out of the MDM program. Operating within the 3D-printing industry, Materialyze provides an online platform for the sale, purchase, and digital rights management protection of 3D designs. The site allows designers to upload, categorize, and price their designs for purchase by users who can print on multiple types of 3D printers.