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Projects: Celebrating the work of our Research Associates

Current Research Projects

Betinho Project

Canada-Brazil connections against hunger and for life

Black Food Sovereignty Alliance of Toronto (BFSAT)

Leading and advocating through a collective framework to advance food issues impacting Black communities in the Greater Toronto Area


Carrot City

Designing for Urban Agriculture - examines how design at all scales can enable the production of food in the city

Community Grocery Store Model

A community-engaged, participatory action project in designing a community grocery store model in Rexdale, Toronto

Evaluating Policies to Improve Food Affordability, Nutrition and Food Security in Canada's Remote Northern Communities

A quantitative analysis of freight subsidies for nutritious foods in Canada's remote Northern communities


Exploring the Food Insecurity Status of Afghan Households, the Determinants, Coping Strategies, and Support Systems in Canada, the U.S., Iran, and Afghanistan After the Taliban’s Takeover

Assessing the food security status in Afghan households in Afghanistan, Iran, Canada, and the USA after the Taliban’s takeover

FI Screening and Diabetes

Screening for Households with Food Insecurity

Food Diversity and Aging Well in a Multicultural City: Japanese Canadian (Nikkei) Seniors and Community Congregate Dining

Contributing to a knowledge base about racialized and ethnocultural minority seniors' experience of congregate meal programs

Food Policy Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Belo Horizonte is a world pioneer in tackling food consumption, distribution and production

Learning About Indigenous Concepts Relevant to Food Security Intervention in Northern Communities

Using land-based conversational interviewing and concept mapping to reveal Inuit experiences of food sufficiency, security and affordability

Municipal Food Policy & Practice

A collaborative initiative between the cities of Cape Town, South Africa; Toronto, Canada

Truth Telling: Gardens, Farming and Food Experiences at the Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School

An examination of the experiences and perceptions of gardens, farming and food in relation to the Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School


Urban Farm at TMU's Living Lab

A research platform that integrates users, community members and industry partners

Recent Research Projects

Community-Based Food Initiatives

What are they, what do they do and what makes them successful in Canada and on the Ryerson campus


Scaling up small-scale food processing of therapeutic and complementary foods for children in Vietnam

Ethnic Flavours and Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Doner-Gyro-Shawarma Restaurateurs in Toronto’s Diverse Foodscape

Examining the cultural perceptions of seemingly similar food items, and challenges of immigrant entrepreneurs and ethnic restaurant operators

Examining Canadian School Food Models to Inform Decision-Making for a Universal and Nationally-Harmonized School Food Program

An examination of the operational details of school food programs responding to the diverse needs of communities across Canada

Examining Emergent School Food Models During and After COVID-19

Assessing the range of innovative school lunch programs across Canada developed to provide meals to students and their families

Feeding the City: Pandemic and Beyond

Documenting Food System Experiences, Community Challenges & Local Resilience During Covid-19 and Beyond

Food Safety and Diversity: Experiences of Public Health and Settlement Officials with New Immigrants

Examining knowledge gaps regarding public health risks among new immigrants and food safety practices

Hamilton Kitchen Scan

Aiming to ‘assess the availability of community spaces with kitchens where people can learn and cook for themselves’

Lunchbox Shaming: Asian Immigrant Families’ Perspectives on Canadian School Food Environment

An arts-informed research project that explores how Asian children, youth, and their families describe their experiences at school lunchtime in Canada

Preparing for Food Security After COVID-19: Strengthening Equity and Resiliency in Future Emergency Response in Toronto

Assessing how vulnerable neighbourhoods and food security organizations responded to the initial and residual impacts of COVID-19


The Impact of Socio-economic and Cultural Factors on Household Food Security of Syrian Refugees in Canada

Assessing the impact of socio-economic and cultural factors on household food security of Syrian refugees during the early integration period