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Carrot City - Toronto (2008-Present)

Designing for Urban Agriculture

The Carrot City Initiative examines how design at all scales can enable the production of food in the city. The focus is on how the increasing interest in growing food within the city, supplying food locally, and food security in general, is changing urban design and built form. Carrot City showcases projects from around the world. The exhibit contains a range of projects, some recently completed or in progress, and others intended as visionary, speculative design proposals. The featured projects are the work of professional designers, students and people from all walks of life.

The travelling exhibit was first mounted in February 2009 in Toronto. It has since been shown in a number of venues in over 20 cities across the globe. Carrot City exhibits have been translated into a number of languages. A major website ( (external link, opens in new window) ) containing materials from the exhibit and other relevant content has been set up. A book (opens in new window)  based on this initiative was published in September of 2011 by Monacelli Press.


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Updated January 2018