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Municipal Food Policy & Practice

People farming on urban roof top

The Municipal Food Policy and Practice project evolved out a collaborative initiative between the cities of Cape Town, South Africa; Toronto, Canada, including CSFS staff and associates; and Nairobi, Kenya, with Rooftops International and the Mazingira Institute, Nairobi. It was developed by an international team of food policy practitioners in the public, academic, and private sectors.

This framework aims to start, develop, and implement City Region Food Policies. It provides guiding principles, city experiences, draft modules, and a wide variety of resources about urban food systems policy. Using this framework, cities can start, plan, and implement policy and training tailored to their needs.

These materials seek to:

  • Stimulate city region actors to jointly explore and develop suitable approaches
  • Provide guidance and reference resources about the role and opportunity city and regional governments have in building resilient food systems
  • Serve as a starting point for customizing and adapting to local contexts, opportunities and constraints
  • Promote the understanding that all people, at all times, should have physical and economic access to sufficient amounts of culturally acceptable food that is nutritious, safe, and produced and obtained in environmentally sustainable ways that do not compromise people’s dignity, self-respect, or human rights

Updated January 2018


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Project dates

2015 – present


International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
Resource Centre for Urban Agriculture & Forestry (RUAF)
City of Almere, Netherlands