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Truth Telling: gardens, farming and food experiences at the Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School

Mohawk Institute

The project describes experiences and perceptions of gardens, farming and food in relation to the Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School; and, the Indigenous community-led programs designed to improve food access and food sovereignty. The purpose of the project is to share the experiences of those who attended the Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School with the aim to build knowledge towards Truth and Reconciliation Call to Action #65 (to advance understanding of reconciliation).  This project aims to:

  1. Describe the experiences, perceptions and impacts of those who worked in gardens and farms while attending the Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School.
  2. Describe how community garden initiatives are perceived by Indian Residential School survivors and their families.
  3. Identify, from the perspectives of Indian Residential School Survivors, their families and community stakeholders, recommendations for food security initiatives that include truth, reconciliation and self-determination of Indigenous peoples.


Principle Investigator: Dr. Sandra Juutilainen

Six Nations Community Advisors: Sherlene Bomberry; Teri Morrow, RD, MA; Chandra Maracle PhD(c)

Collaborators: Six Nations Council; Dr. Bonnie Freeman (McMaster University) Dr. Rhona Hanning (UWaterloo); Dr. Jennifer Yessis (UWaterloo); Dr. Heather Manson (Public Health Ontario).



Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Insight Development Grant No. 430-2018-0341) $68,194.