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Community Grocery Store Model

Woman shopping for fresh produce in a community grocery store

This community-engaged, participatory action project is being lead by the Rexdale Community Hub in collaboration with researchers from the Centre for Studies in Food Security, and supported by the United Way Greater Toronto. The objectives are to:

  1. Investigate the priorities of Rexdale community stakeholders in securing sustainable, affordable and culturally appropriate food
  2. Determine what would be considered a successful outcome of an exploratory grocery model pilot
  3. Determine an ideal design for a Community grocery store prototype and assess level of stakeholder approval of implemented pilot
  4. Broker community knowledge on project findings


Sara Edge, Toronto Metropolitan University
Jenelle Regnier-Davies, Toronto Metropolitan University
Claire Davies, Toronto Metropolitan University
Mei-Ling Patterson, Toronto Metropolitan University
Rexdale Community Hub
Olga Semenovych, Independent Design Researcher & Strategist
United Way Greater Toronto



United Way Investing in Communities & MITACS Accelerate

Project dates

July 2022-July 2025