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Access usage analytics in Stream

  1. In My Media or in your own Channel, hover your mouse over the video and click Moreā€¦

  2. Click Analytics to quickly see:

    1. Duration
    2. Size (MB)
    3. Number of Views
    4. Number of Unique Visitors
    5. Number of Downloads
    6. Total Play Length of the Video
    7. Average Play Percentage
  3. Click More to access additional reports.

Access the Usage & Analytics Panel

If you are an Instructor or a Group Owner, you may access the Usage & Analytics panel to get insights on how your viewers are consuming the videos you share.

  1. Click on the Main Menu icon at the top-right corner, and click Usage & Analytics.

  2. Click Content to look at information about individual videos within your groups.

    1. Select the Group.
    2. Then select the Video within that group and click Get Report.
  3. Click Users to look at how an individual user is engaging with the content published within your groups.

    1. Select the Course.
    2. Then select the User within the course and click Get Report.
    3. Switch to the Videos tab to glance at how the user engages to the videos available to them. View Play Graph to get an insight to where the viewer drops off.
    4. Switch to the Sessions tab to get additional information such as Referring URLs, System Stats and Location of the user when they logged in.
  4. Click Groups to view group statistics such as Videos Ranked by Popularity and Cumulative View History charts.

    1. Select the Group and click Get Report.
  5. Click Events to review attendance on previously live streamed events.

    1. Select the Event and click Get Report.
  6. Click Grade Book to access Quiz scores.