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Teaching Scenarios

Teaching scenarios are a collection of tasks you may want to achieve in the classroom or while managing your course. Each teaching scenario is paired with a technology-based solution on how to achieve that task. These teaching scenarios may help you answer questions such as: How can I create narrated slides? How can I better explain a difficult concept? How can I provide office hours that works for my students?

 Explore the teaching scenarios below and find the right tools.

Creating Course Content

I want to learn about ways to author and deliver course content to students.

Communication & Collaboration

I want to improve communication and collaboration in the classroom and among students. 

Assessments & Feedback

I want to explore ways to give assessments and improve feedback to students.

Classroom Management

I want to discover strategies to manage my classes more efficiently. 

Teaching Scenario Tags

Instructional design is an integral part of the development process for course material that uses any form of technology for delivery. Each teaching scenario is tagged with a label that aligns or promotes a typical instructional activity.

Tag: Active Learning

To actively engage learners in the learning process and class content.

Tag: Deep Learning

To promote a deeper level of learning, comprehension and support; tailored to the needs of the student.

Tag: Problem-based Learning

To engage students through the exploration of problems, particularly prior to presenting the learning material.

Tag: Collaborative Learning

To form groups of students into learning communities where students collect, share and exchange knowledge.

Tag: Critical Thinking

To prepare students to derive conclusions and obtain solutions by conceptualizing, analyzing, reasoning, reflecting, and communicating knowledge, ideas, and experiences.

Tag: Conceptual Learning

To present students with the principles, theories, information, and knowledge, either by presentation delivery, simulation, or other methods.

Tag: Experiential Learning

To integrate community service with instruction; students will reflect on the experience as part of the learning process.