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Communication & Collaboration

Group of students working together.

Teaching scenarios and strategies to improve communication and collaboration in the classroom, whether it's among peers or students.


Mailing lists or listservs can be used to facilitate communication between you and your entire class with a single course email address, directly from your inbox. With Google Groups, you can request a mailing list for as long as the class is active (whether it’s a single or two term course).

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Discussion forums are a great way to increase collaboration and engagement, as it gives students an opportunity to voice their opinions and spark conversations without the time constraints of a physical classroom. Discussion forums give students who usually don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of a class a medium to respond in a written format, as well as process others’ responses to contribute a meaningful response.

 Learn how to create and modify discussion forums and topics in D2L.

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For group assignments, students may benefit from being able to remotely collaborate on a document in real-time. Google Drive gives you the ability to do real-time collaboration with multiple document types. With Google Docs, you’ll have the capability to collaborate in real-time with peers on a report or in a classroom setting. For example, your entire class can simultaneously update a single Google Document file, while maintaining the ability to track all of the changes, view the history to see who made what change, and restore previous versions.

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There are multiple tools available to improve communication and collaboration between students for group projects and assignments; even when they cannot be in the same place at the same time.

 The D2L Brightspace Groups tool gives you the capability to organize groups automatically, manually or allow students to choose their own group; features such as file exchange, group discussions and more.

 Share the benefits and collaboration features of Google Docs with your students.

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If you are looking to facilitate a collaborative activity for the whole class, Google Workspace offers a host of tools to help.

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