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Classroom Management

A professor teaching a large class of students.

Teaching scenarios to improve the quality and administrative aspects of your course.

Tracking student attendance can be an important indicator of engagement and can also help promote participation among students. With the help of technology, tracking attendance can be made easy for large class sizes with minimal disruption on time. Furthermore, you can use attendance data for grading or statistical purposes—helping you make more informed decisions or strategies on managing your class.

 For smaller class sizes, you can use D2L’s attendance tool to manually track attendance, and if desired assign a grade item.  

 For larger class sizes, you may consider using a classroom response system, such as iClicker to make your lectures more engaging in addition to tracking attendance.   

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Awards or certificates are a great way of acknowledging student achievement and can furthermore promote increased participation in the classroom. Awards can be used as a method to ‘gamify’ the classroom and promote some healthy competition.

 Learn more about the D2L Awards tool.

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In addition to in-person office hours, consider providing virtual or online office hours that are convenient for you and your students. With an online meeting tool, you have a flexible medium to communicate from wherever you are - whether that’s at home or around the world.