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Student Success: Deborah Mepaiyeda

Leading the Way for Women in Computer Science
December 18, 2019
Computer Science student, Deborah Mepaiyeda

Deborah Mepaiyeda is fully immersed in her Co-op program at Ryerson, but the busy student leader didn’t always have it easy. “When I began, I had a tough time since I didn’t have much experience coding in high school,” she admits. But she worked hard, gained skill, and eventually even won the Finlayson Innovation in User Experience Award for demonstrating outstanding skill in developing optimal user experience.

The young Computer Science undergrad also keeps active in student life and has held executive roles in the Women in Computer Science (WiCS) group. “As a woman in Ryerson, I have a great community and support,” she says. “In my first year, I quickly befriended many people and we helped each other through tough assignments. The groups helped me grow into the person I am today.”

Deborah encourages all students to get involved: “Every week, there are many events taking place. I make sure to attend them because they help me improve my networking skills, meet new people, learn and connect with different companies.” Deborah found her passion in Computer Science, and is now busy supporting and boosting the number of women in the field.