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Student Life

Four students sitting together chatting and laughing.
Get Involved

There are many opportunities to participate in computing-focused activities and events. Learn new skills, build your network, have a say in student affairs, or just have fun with like-minded peers.

Computer Science Course Union Logo

Computer Science Course Union (CSCU)

The CSCU (external link)  is the Department’s democratically elected student association. We advocate for all full-time Computer Science students. We are your voice. We provide helpful CS-related information such as exam banks, tutor lists, course reviews and more. We're also a hub for CS-related current events and activities.

Get Involved: Drop by ENG111 anytime. Attend a workshop or coding camp. Network at company events. Participate in hackathons and study sessions. Chill with friends on Pub or Movie Night.

Women in Computer Science (WiCS) team photo.

Women in Computer Science (WiCS)

The WiCS student group promotes women in Computer Science at Toronto Metropolitan. We hold open meetings and casual gatherings throughout the school year. Gather with like-minded peers. Activities can be technical, career-related or simply on themes of interest to females, such as salary negotiation, self-defence, consent and more.

Get Involved: Attend a workshop, networking event, or social. Meet up with  female-supportive CS peers.

Group of people working on laptop at the DMZ.

Zone Learning and DMZ

The university has a number of zones where students across disciplines can incubate ideas, get involved in start-ups and access mentorship and support. The DMZ one of the world's top hubs for tech innovations, with successes in AI, telecom, data analysis and more. 

Get Involved: Come to a Zone Learning event and discover what students, researchers, business mentors and industry partners are working on. Attend a bootcamp, workshop or networking event. 

Computer science Linux User Group logo.

Linux User Group at Toronto Metropolitan University

The Linux User Group is the place to learn about using Linux, Unix and FOSS, and to find out about career possibilities in open source. We host on-campus events, including workshops and talks by faculty speakers and industry professionals. Everyone is welcome regardless of programming experience.

Get Involved: We meet several times a month. Come, discuss, ask questions and get answers. Find resources and learn about the latest open source tips and tools.

School of Computer Science Council

School of Computer Science Council (SCSC)

The SCSC governs much of what happens in our CS School. Council members are full-time CS faculty and student representatives. We meet five times a year to decide on matters such as budgeting, equipment needs and program curriculum. 

Get Involved: Attend a Council meeting. Run for office. Meetings are open and everyone is welcome.

Student from Game Makers Union working on laptop in lab.

Game Maker's Union

The Game Maker’s Union (external link)  was created by a few friends to inspire students interested in game development. Get a taste of the gaming industry. You don’t have to be a master programmer. We welcome students from many disciplines, such as programming, art, and music. Come build a team and create amazing, unique games.

Get Involved: Come learn how to design a game and get friendly feedback from like-minded students. Everyone is welcome. Find us at ENG 202.