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Email Forwarding

To ensure that you are receiving updates and announcements from the Computer Science Department, please make sure you have correctly set up your email forwarding from your email to your email. The following steps will allow you to complete the setup from your own device while on campus.

1. Connect to your moon account through your terminal:
> ssh

2. Create a file used for forwarding information:
> nano .forward

3a. Type the email address to forward your emails to on the first line of the file:
3b. Type your cs email on the second line of the file:

4. Hit CTRL + X to close the file, Y to save your changes, and ENTER to confirm your filename

5. Grant the necessary permissions through your terminal:
> chmod 711 ~
> chmod 644  .forward

Your email forwarding should now be set up successfully! To test it out, send an email to your email address and it should appear in your inbox after a short period of time. 

It may take a period of time to fully set up your email forwarding. You may need to wait up to an hour for the change to take effect.

Having trouble? Book an appointment with the Debug Room for help