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Alphabetical Index

Alphabetical Index
About Toronto Met
Accreditations and Institutional Memberships
Baccalaureate Credentials Awarded at Toronto Met
Shield and Motto
Honorary Doctorates and Fellowships
Library and Archives
Mission and Aims
Services for Students
Student Learning Centre
Addenda and Errata
Accounting courses
Aerospace courses
American Sign Language courses (opens in new window) 
Anthropology courses
Arabic courses
Architectural Science courses
Arts and Contemporary Studies courses
Biochemistry courses
Biology courses
Biomedical Engineering courses
Biomedical Sciences courses
Building Science courses
Business courses
Business Essentials courses
Caribbean Studies courses
Chemical Engineering courses
Chemistry courses
Child and Youth Care courses
Chinese courses
Chinese Studies courses
Civil Engineering courses
Combined Media courses
Common Engineering courses
Communication courses
Communication Design Minor (opens in new window) 
Computer Engineering courses
Computer Science courses
Computer Science Minor (opens in new window) 
Creative Industries courses
Criminology courses
Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses
Disability Studies courses
Early Childhood Studies courses
Economics courses
Education - ZONE courses
Electrical Engineering courses
Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses
Engineering Management Science courses
English courses
Entrepreneurship and Strategy courses
Environmental Health courses
Environment and Urban Sustainability courses
Events and Live Entertainment Management Minor
Family Studies courses
Fashion courses
Fashion - Design Leadership courses
Fashion - Material and Fabrication courses
Fashion - Fashion Studies courses
Film Studies courses
Finance courses
Food Security courses
Foundations of Management courses
French courses
French Studies courses
Geography courses
Gerontology courses
Global Management Studies courses
Graphic Communication courses
Greek courses
Health Services Management courses
History courses
Hospitality and Tourism Management courses
Human Resources courses
Industrial Engineering courses
Information Technology Management courses
Interactive Media Arts courses
Interdisciplinary Studies courses
Interior Design courses
Journalism courses
Language courses
Language and Intercultural Relations courses
Latin courses (opens in new window) 
Law courses
Marketing courses
Mathematics courses
Mechanical Engineering courses
Media courses
Media Studies courses
Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Studies Minor
Midwifery courses
Music courses
Nonprofit courses
Nursing courses
Nursing - Professional Practice courses
Nutrition and Food courses
Occupational Health courses
Pathotherapeutics courses
Philosophy courses
Photography courses
Physics courses
Physiology courses
Planning courses
Politics and Public Administration courses
Project Management courses
Psychology courses
Public Health courses (opens in new window) 
Public Health and Occupational Health (opens in new window) 
Quantitative Methods courses
Real Estate Management courses
Religious Studies courses
Retail Management courses
Science courses
Semiotics courses
Social Science and Humanities courses
Social Work courses
Sociology courses
Spanish courses
Spanish Studies courses
Technology Studies courses
Theatre courses
Work Term courses
Writing Skills courses
Significant Dates
Faculty and Administration
Board of Governors
Institution Abbreviations
Liberal Studies at Toronto Met
Table A - Lower Level Liberal Studies
Table B - Upper Level Liberal Studies
Accounting Minor
Acting/Dance Studies Minor
Biology Minor
Business Essentials Minor
Caribbean Studies Minor
Chemistry Minor
Child and Youth Services Minor
Criminology Minor
Curatorial Studies Minor
Disability Studies Minor
EBusiness Minor
Economics Minor
English Minor
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor
Ethics Minor
Environment and Urban Sustainability Minor
Family Supports and Community Practice Minor
Fashion Studies Minor
Film (Cinema) Studies Minor
Finance Minor
French Minor
Geographic Analysis Minor
Geography Minor
Global Management Minor
Global Narratives Minor
Global Politics and Development Minor
Health Services Management Minor
History Minor
Human Resources Management Minor
Information Technology Management Minor
Labour and Employment Relations Minor
Law Minor
Marketing Minor
Mathematics Minor
Music and Culture Minor
News Studies Minor
Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management Minor
Occupational Health and Safety Minor
Organizational Leadership Minor
Philosophy Minor
Photography Media Arts Minor
Physics Minor
Politics Minor
Professional Communication Minor
Psychology Minor
Public Administration Minor
Public Relations Minor
Real Estate Management Minor
Retail and Services Management Minor
Sales Management and Service Quality Minor
Social Innovation Minor
Sociology Minor
Spanish Minor
Tourism Minor
Visual Studies Minor
Open Elective Table
Open Elective Table Restrictions
Optional Specializations
Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship,Optional Specialization in
Management Sciences, Optional Specialization in
Zone Learning, Optional Specialization in
Policies and Procedures
Admissions Procedures and Policies
Enrolment, Student Records and Academic Information
Grading, Promotion and Academic Standing
Curriculum Information
Enrolment and Examinations
General Information
Graduation and Convocation
Student Records
Tuition, Fees, Financial Assistance and Awards
Student Financial Assistance and Awards
Fees, Tuition and Policies
Important Notice
Collection and Use of Personal Information
Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct
Academic Integrity and the Code of Non-Academic Conduct
Community Regulations
Course Management Policy
Diversity And Inclusion
Office Of The Ombudsperson
Undergraduate Programs
Faculty of Arts
Arts and Contemporary Studies
Criminology and History Double Major
Criminology and Politics and Governance Double Major
Criminology and Sociology Double Major
International Economics and Finance
English and History Double Major
English and Philosophy Double Major
Environment and Urban Sustainability
Geographic Analysis
History and Philosophy Double Major
History and Politics and Governance Double Major
History and Sociology Double Major
Language and Intercultural Relations
Politics and Governance
Politics and Governance and Sociology Double Major
Public Administration and Governance
Undeclared Arts (First Year Studies Only)
Undeclared Arts Transferability Guidelines
Faculty of Community Services
Child and Youth Care
Disability Studies
Early Childhood Studies
Nursing - Collaborative Program
Nursing - Post-Diploma Degree Completion
Nutrition and Food
Occupational and Public Health
Urban and Regional Planning
Social Work
Co-operative Education at Toronto Met
Faculty of Communication and Design
Creative Industries
Fashion Communication/Design
Graphic Communications Management
Image Arts
Interior Design
Media Production
New Media
Performance Acting/Dance/Production
Professional Communication
Sport Media
Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
Aerospace Engineering
Architectural Science
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Co-Operative Program
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Undeclared Engineering (First Year Studies Only)
Faculty of Science
Biomedical Sciences
Computer Science
Financial Mathematics
Mathematics and its Applications
Medical Physics
Undeclared Science (First Year Studies Only)
Ted Rogers School of Management
Accounting and Finance
Business Management
Business Management - Economics and Management Science Major
Business Management - Entrepreneurship Major
Business Management - Global Management Studies Major
Business Management - Human Resources Management Major
Business Management - Law and Business Major
Business Management - Marketing Management Major
Business Management - Real Estate Management Major
Business Technology Management
Health Services Management
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Retail Management