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Open Electives

Open electives provide students with the opportunity to choose degree-level courses outside their core or to gain greater depth within their core. Open electives also allow students to complete courses towards a minor. Open Elective (OE) requirements must be fulfilled using graded, degree level courses. Students may choose any graded, degree level course for which they meet the enrolment (requisite) requirements, including additional core program electives, subject to availability and the following limitations:

  • Students cannot use the following courses to fulfill an OE requirement:
    • Courses specifically excluded from use by their program department; see Open Elective Exclusions below.
    • Lower Level Liberal Studies courses
    • Courses graded on a pass/fail basis, such as orientations, work terms, some internships and practicums, or placement/skills tests
    • Direct Entry students in Business Management, Business Technology Management, Child and Youth Care, Early Childhood Studies and Social Work cannot use core required courses from Years 1 and 2 of their program to fill Open Elective requirements.
  • Students must obtain the permission of their program department to use the following courses to fulfill an OE requirement:
    • degree-level courses which are only offered by The Chang School (those marked as degree level but which do not have a corresponding three-character course code in the undergraduate calendar)
    • an Upper Level Liberal Studies course
    • any Toronto Met course completed more than fifteen years prior to admission to their current program.
  • A course used to fulfill an OE requirement cannot be used to meet another program requirement. For example, if you receive permission to use an Upper Level Liberal Studies course towards OE requirements, you must take a different Upper Level Liberal Studies course to use towards your Liberal Studies requirements. A course can, however, be used towards both OE requirements and the requirements or either a minor or a concentration (subject to minors and concentrations policy).
  • Not all courses will be offered every semester. Courses may be cancelled due to low enrolment.

Open Elective Restrictions

Students may not choose courses that are excluded for their program or major.

Some subjects have a limitation (i.e. a maximum number that may be chosen).

Exclusions may change from year to year depending on curricular changes.  

Program Exclusions
Nutrition and Food FNN 111 and FNY 404 are not available to students in the Nutrition and Food program.
Program Exclusions
Computer Science  Course selection may not include CPS courses between CPS 100 and CPS 499, or any ITM course other than ITM 330, ITM 350, ITM 410, ITM 735
Program Exclusions
Accounting and Finance No ACC or FIN courses, with the exception of ACC 522, FIN 65A/B, FIN 75A/B, FIN 512, FIN 612, FIN 699, and FIN 812 can be used to meet Open Elective requirements. QMS 102, QMS 202, QMS 110, and QMS 210 cannot be used to meet Open Elective requirements.