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Special Students

Some students may be granted status as a Special Student, including:

  • University graduates and community members who are taking courses at Toronto Metropolitan University to upgrade their skills/knowledge; and
  • Students currently enrolled at other universities who cannot access certain courses at their own school which are offered at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Rules and Regulations

Please note the following:

  • Required to Withdraw: students under a Required to Withdraw standing (or equivalent) from any university do not qualify for Special Student status in the Faculty of Arts.
  • Special students are not permitted in courses that are deemed core electives to a degree program. Students who wish to access such courses should consult the course offerings at the Chang School of Continuing Education (opens in new window) .

Application Procedure

  1. Download and complete sections A to D of the  (PDF file) Faculty of Arts Special Student Permission Form (opens in new window) .
  2. Submit the completed form to the Program Advisor in the department offering the course you wish to take. The Program Advisor’s contact details can be found on the department web page. For contact information, visit the Faculty of Arts’ list of departments (opens in new window) .
    1. Ensure that you attach all relevant supporting documents (e.g., official transcript, letter of permission) that demonstrate your eligibility as a candidate for Special Student Status when you submit the Special Student Permission Form to the Program Advisor. Note: Supporting documentation is accepted at the discretion of the department.
  3. If your request is approved, the Special Student Permission Form will be completed by the department and returned to you.
  4. If you have already been admitted as a Special Student from a previous term and have not had six or more consecutive terms without enrolment, you may skip step 5 and proceed to "Enrolling in Courses" below. Otherwise, proceed to step 5.
  5. Access the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal (opens in new window)  and complete the web-based TMU Application. Upload the completed Special Student Permission form as part of this application. Detailed instructions on how to upload your documents are available on the Admissions webpage (opens in new window) .

Enrolling in Courses

Once the Office of Undergraduate Admissions approves your application, contact the program department during the open enrolment period to attempt to enrol in the approved course(s). To view the current dates for the open enrolment period, visit the Course Enrolment (opens in new window)  webpage. The program department may request to see your completed Special Student Permission Form prior to enrolling you in any course.

Please note: Special Student enrolments depend on course availability and cannot be finalized until after the regular program students have been served. Enrolment is not guaranteed for Special Students.