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Project Management in the Built Environment Programs & Degree Requirements

While both are part of our interdisciplinary master of project management program, the master of applied science (MASc) and the master of project management (MPM) degrees have unique requirements.

As a master of applied science (MASc) student, you are required to successfully complete two core courses, a research methods course, two elective courses and a thesis. Courses are outlined on the Courses page.


You will be required to conduct high-quality research on a topic related to project management. Once the topic has been chosen in consultation with your thesis supervisor, you will present a research proposal in writing. The research will be carried out under the direction of your supervisor, with regular advising from your supervisory committee. You must submit the completed research in a thesis format to an examination committee and make an oral presentation to this committee, which will assess the thesis. Through the thesis, you will be expected to furnish evidence of competence in research and a sound understanding of the specialty area associated with the research. The thesis is a “milestone,” meaning it is graded on a pass/fail basis.

As a master of project management student, you are required to successfully complete either ten courses (four core + six electives) or eight courses (four core + four electives) and a major research paper (MRP) project. Courses are outlined on the Courses page.

Major Research Paper (MRP) - MPM program only

This paper is intended to be applied research related to the student’s specific interests and career focus. It is anticipated to take approximately 200 hours to complete (one academic term or part-time over three terms). The paper should result in a new application of existing knowledge or incremental development of a novel approach, new tool or framework, or technological innovation. Students may take two additional electives in lieu of completing an MRP with the permission of the graduate program director.

Degree Completion Time Regulations (MASc & MPM)

The minimum and maximum times allowed for coursework and research are indicated below. Transferring from full-time to part-time master’s status, and vice versa, requires approval, particularly when the maximum time allowed for program completion could become an important factor for consideration.

Length of Time to Complete Degree MASc MPM Full-Time MPM Part-Time

Minimum length of time

24 months (six academic terms) 12 months (three academic terms) 24 months (six academic terms)

Maximum length of time

Three calendar years Three calendar years Five calendar years

Yeates School of Graduate Studies requires your continuous registration throughout the residency period for the program (either full-time or part-time) in which you are registered.

Grade Requirements

You must repeat a course or substitute with an alternate course if a course mark is less than B- (70%). Failure to maintain an acceptable academic standing could result in you being asked to withdraw from the program. In addition, failure in more than one graduate course or two unsatisfactory (UNS) progress reports will be considered grounds for dismissal from the program.