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Project Management in the Built Environment Courses

The following tables list all graduate courses being offered each term.

Course Course Status Instructor Date & Time
PM8001 Integrated Project Planning Core Jenn McArthur Wed 2:00PM - 5:00PM
PM8003 Cost and Schedule Core (MPM only) Mohamed Saad Thu 6:00PM - 9:00PM
PM8204 Negotiating Legal, regulatory and contractual issues Elective Omar Ha-Redeye
Lauren Black
Wed 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Course Course Status Instructor Date & Time
PM8002 Project Execution, Monitoring, Control Core Ehsan Azar Rezazadeh Th 3:00PM - 6:00PM
PM8201 Emergent Design Construction Processes Elective Jenn McArthur We 3:00PM - 6:00PM
PM8202 Strategic Leadership and Management  Elective Ersoy Gulecoglu We 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Course Course Status Instructor Date & Time
PM8004 Complex Project Core (MPM only) Mohamed Saad


6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

PM 8206 Integrated Project Delivery Elective Elmira Nezami Far


2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Open enrollment for Spring/Summer 2024 starts April 15, 2024.  All significant dates and deadlines can be found on the Yeates School of Graduate Studies website.

Full Course Listing

Descriptions for each of the following courses, as well as a full program curriculum, can be found on the Yeates School of Graduate Studies Project Management webpage.

  • PM 8001 Integrated Project Planning* 
  • PM 8002 Project Execution, Monitoring & Control*
  • PM 8003 Cost and Schedule✝
  • PM 8004 Complex project
  • Research Methods Course✝✝ (identify the most appropriate option from the list below with your supervisor)
    • BL8210 Research Methods  - building science research methods
    • SM8103 Applied Research Methods I – qualitative & quantitative methods for social science research
    • SM8104 Applied Research Methods II – methodology and proposal refinement for social science research
    • CE8140 Statistics in Engineering – quantitative analysis

* MPM & MASc

✝ MPM only

✝✝ MASc only

Electives should be identified with your supervisor (MASc) or advisor (MPM) in order to tailor this program to your career objectives.

PMBE specific:

  • PM 8201 Emergent Design & Construction Processes 
  • PM 8202 Strategic Leadership and Management in the Built Environment
  • PM 8203 International Construction Project Management
  • PM 8204 Negotiating Legal, regulatory and contractual issues
  • PM 8206 Integrated Project Delivery 

Other pre-approved elective courses:

  • CV8102 Advanced Construction Management
  • CV8105 Construction Administration and Management
  • CV8107 Infrastructure Asset Management 
  • CV8501 Advanced Geospatial Info Systems
  • CV8503 Geospatial Modeling & Visualization
  • CV8504 Estimation and Data Series Analysis
  • CV8505 GIS for Civil Engineering
  • AR8102 Seminar in Critical Practice
  • AR8104 Seminar in Contemporary and Future Practice 
  • AR8106 Current Topics in Architectural Praxis 
  • AR8201 Advanced Construction Case Studies
  • AR8204 Architecture in Public Policy
  • AR8209 Advanced Design Methods
  • AR8210 Digital Tools
  • AR8215 How Buildings Work
  • AR8220 Sustainable Ratings Systems
  • AR8225 Globalization and Construction
  • BL8101 Building Science Theory
  • BL8102 Ecological and Resource Efficient Design
  • BL8201 Sustainability, Heritage and Existing Buildings
  • BL8202 Building Automation
  • BL8203 Health, Human Comfort and Indoor Environment
  • BL8207 Building Performance Assessment
  • ME8124 Multiple Participant/Objective Dec. Making
  • ME8127 Optimization Models
  • ME8201 Design of Algorithms and Programming for Massive Data
  • ME8202 Machine Learning
  • ME8203 Management of Big Data and Big Data Tools
  • ME8204 Data Mining and Prescriptive Analytics
  • ME8128 Prob. Models in Operations Research
  • MB8506 Real Estate Management
  • MB8711 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • MB8718 Design, Commerce and Culture
  • MT8212 Innovation and Organizational Theory
  • MT8213 Technology and Organizational Strategy
  • MT8220 Advanced Project Management
  • MT8327 Data Management and Visualization