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Dr. Umberto Berardi

Umberto Berardi
Canada Research Chair in Building Science
MSc, PhD, PEng (EU)

Areas of Specialization

Energy efficiency


Urban physics





Year University Degree
2011 Politecnico di Bari PhD
2009 University of Southampton MEng
2008 Politecnico di Bari MArch

Courses Taught

Course Code Course Title
BL8100 Building Science Theory
BL8104 Building Design Studio
ASC 521 Light/Sound in Architecture


The view from the conference room window is breathtaking: a cherry tree in full bloom, dappled light shining through the branches. That the window does not open may seem to be a negative. But for Umberto Berardi, it’s a valuable reminder of the crucial role that design plays in our lives. “As architects and building scientists,” he says, “we should aim to encourage symbiosis between the outdoors and indoors.”

Berardi is passionate about the relationship between buildings, the environment and ourselves, and sees advancements in technology as playing a major role. From automatic shading controls, to innovative thermal storage, the technology we use to engage with buildings is advancing quickly, including Berardi’s own research. Concerned with improving building energy performance by incorporating nanotechnologies and aerogels, he’s excited about the shape his work is taking and its potential for contributing to a reduction in energy consumption.

As for his students, Berardi is confident that they will push architecture far and transform cities. “They look forward to challenging conventions,” he says, tapping on the glass that separates him from that beautiful tree. “Like this window.”

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Umberto Berardi

“More and more, we are giving people ways to react and engage with the buildings they occupy.”

  • Royal Society of Canada, Elected to the College of New Scholars (2023)
  • Most Cited Award, 17th SDEWES, Cyprus (2022)
  • Young Investigator Award, Buildings MDPI (2022)
  • 10th Canada's Clean16 Award and Clean50 Winner, List Category R&D (2021)
  • Most Cited Author, the journal Resources, Conservation & Recycling (2020) 
  • Best Paper Award, 7th ICSD Conference, New York (2019) 
  • Best Paper Award, 4th AIGE/IIETA International Conference (2019) 
  • Early Research Career Excellence Award, Toronto Metropolitan University (2018)
  • CFI - JELF, BeTOP – Building efficiency: Testing, Operation and Performance of advanced building systems (2017)
  • Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science, Early Researcher Award (2017)
  • Franco Strazzabosco Award for Best Young Engineer – ISSNAF, Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation (2016)
  • D. M. Degefu, U. Berardi,  Effect of Na/Al and Curing Moisture Conditions on Sodium Aluminosilicate Hydrate (N–A–S–H) Geopolymer’s Hydric Propertie, Construcion and Building Materials, 2024
  • F. Vecchi, R. Stasi, U. Berardi, Modelling tools for the assessment of Renewable Energy Communities, Energy Report, 2024
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  • F. Vecchi, U. Berardi, Solar analysis for an urban context from GIS to block-scale evaluations, Energy Policy, 2024
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  • U. Berardi, G. Mutani, F. Vecchi, Data-driven urban building energy model for the platform of Toronto, Energy Efficiency, 2023
  • L. Abdolmaleki, U. Berardi, Hybrid solar energy systems with hydrogen and electrical energy storage for single houses in North America, Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2023
  • M. Dardir, J. Wilson, U. Berardi, Health-informed decision-making framework for urban greenery cover, Sustainable Cities and Society, 2023
  • E. Taban, S.E. Samaei, U. Berardi, Optimization and modeling of the sound absorption behavior of hybrid polyurethane composites with kenaf fiber, Applied Acoustics, 2023
  • Yi. Chen, J. Gao, J.  Yang, U. Berardi, G. Cui, An hour-ahead predictive control strategy for maximizing natural ventilation in passive buildings based on weather forecasting, Applied Energy, 2023
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  • D. Mulugeta Degefu, Z. Liao, U. Berardi, Geopolymer Concrete for Net-Zero Buildings: Correlating Paste Chemistry with Monolith Hygrothermal Performance, Resources, Conservation & Recycling, 2023
  • BeTOP - Building efficiency: Testing, Operation, and Performance. Material Research Laboratory
  • Building Technology Lab
  • International Building Physics Association, President, 2024-2027
  • IAQVEC vice-president and Member of the Board of Directors, 2019-2026
  • IBPSA-Canada, Member of the Board of Directors, 2020-2026
  • Canadian Association of Acoustics, President, 2023-202
  • Member of the Editorial Boards of several journals, including the following journals: Energy and Buildings, Sustainable Cities and Society, Journal of Building Performance Simulation, and Building Simulation
  • Editor-in-chief of the "Canadian Acoustics" journal
  • Associate Editor of "Journal of Building Engineering" and  "Intelligent Building International" 
  • IAQVEC vice-president and Member of the Board of Directors, 2019-2026
  • IBPSA-Canada, Member of the Board of Directors, 2020-2026
  • Canadian Association of Acoustics, Member of the Board of Directors, 2020-2026