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Dr. Mark Gorgolewski

Mark Gorgolewski
BSc, MSc, Dip Arch, PhD, ARB UK
416-979-5000 ext. 556494

Areas of Specialization

Sustainable design

Energy-efficient buildings

Circular economy approaches to the built environment

Design for urban agriculture

Building performance assessment

Building material reuse


Year University Degree
1995 Oxford Brookes University PhD
1993 Cranfield University MASc
1985 University College London DipArch
1983 University College London BSc

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
ASC 200 Sustainable Practices
ASC 520 Integration Studio I
BL8102 Ecological and Resource Efficient Design
BL8104 Building Design Seminar/Studio


Mark Gorgolewski is frustrated with the waste of energy, materials, water and food—and looks for ways to use these resources better. He is interested in creating sustainable architecture that is based on circular systems, which is an area of research that explores how previously used resources such as locally available, salvaged materials can inspire a new form of architecture, and how we can create more effective energy systems in buildings. More efficient than recycling, which usually “downcycles” items like concrete into low-value materials such as road filler, Gorgolewski is interested in taking used materials and components as an inspiration to create something new.

From discarded political signage that could be used as cladding, to waste clothing that can act as insulation, many things can and should be repurposed. “Our resources are pushed to the limits and waste is widespread,” Gorgolewski says, citing growing shortages in some metals, as well as pressure on landfill space for disposal. “If we’re going to sustain our lifestyles, this kind of building is going to have to be our new normal.”

Mark Gorgolewski

"I don't want students to feel constrained by the challenges of sustainability; I want them to feel inspired."

Selected Works

  • 2018 Canada Green Building Council Inspired Educator Award
  • 2013 CMHC Excellence in Education Award from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • 2012 H.A. Krentz Award, from the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
  • 2009 ACSA/AIA Housing Design Education Award, American Institute of Architects Award for InHabit Sustainable Housing project jointly received with Dr Ian McBurnie
  • Gorgolewski, M.T., (2017) Resource Salvation: The Architecture of Reuse, Wiley, UK.
  • Gorgolewski, M.T., Komisar, J. & Nasr, J, C, (2011) Carrot City: Creating Places for Urban Agriculture, Monacelli Press, NY.
  • Gorgolewski, M.T., Brown, C.,  Chu, A., Turcato, A, Bartlett, K.  Ebrahimi, G., Hodgson, M.,; Mallory-Hill, S.,;  Ouf, M,. Scannell, L., (2017) Performance of Sustainable Buildings in Colder Climates, Journal of Green Building  Volume 11, no.4.
  • Ergun, D, & Gorgolewski, M.T., (2015). Inventorying Toronto's Single Detached Housing Stocks to Examine the Availability Of Clay Brick For Urban Mining. Waste Management, Vol 45., pp180-185
  • Brown, C., Gorgolewski, M.T., (2015) Understanding the role of inhabitants in Innovative mechanical ventilation strategies, Building Research & Information, Vol. 43 (Issue 2) pp.210 -221.
  • Member of the editorial board for Journal of Green Building
  • International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (IISBE) Canada team World Sustainable Building Challenge member
  • Sustainable Built Environment Conference SBe16 Toronto - Chair of the Scientific Committee
  • OAA Sustainable Built Environment Committee 2008-2016
  • Canada Green Building Council Director 2007-2013
  • Chair of the Association for Environment Conscious Building 2002-03