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Jenn McArthur

Associate Professor
Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Project Management

“I strive to make buildings better for people and the planet.”

Jenn McArthur is a prominent building scientist, mechanical engineer, and consultant in Canada. As a subject matter expert in smart technologies, sustainability, and real estate, McArthur is passionate about decarbonizing existing buildings and rethinking energy consumption.

With two decades of industry experience and a Ph.D. in Management, McArthur brings a practical perspective to research. She actively collaborates with government, enterprises, start-ups, academics, and students to develop new solutions and policies that result in future-friendly buildings. One of the recent highlights for McArthur was serving on the advisory board for the City of Toronto to inform its Net Zero by 2040 strategy. “When I saw that work come to fruition, I felt a great sense of professional pride,” she says.  

As an Associate Professor and the Associate Chair for the Masters of Project Management in the Built Environment, McArthur seeks to instill that same pride in her students. McArthur says, “Watching my grad students get excited about the research results and see the kind of impact they can make, there's nothing in the world better than that.”

 ARC-309
 416-979-5000 ext. 554082

Areas of Research

Principal Investigator for the Smart Campus Integration and Testing Lab.

Bringing together industry and interdisciplinary researchers, McArthur is leading the development of the world’s first building to be 100 percent digitally enabled, which involves using a digital twin to assess the energy consumption and performance of TMU’s buildings. 

Smart Buildings Initiative Lead

McArthur established a consortium in 2019 to develop a Pathway to Smart Building Adoption and collaborates with over thirty private sector partners and researchers across four universities to help Canadian communities decarbonize their buildings while accounting for human interactions, energy needs, and data privacy. 

Dimensions Faculty Lead for the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science. 

The Dimensions Program at TMU was established to eliminate inequities within its research ecosystem. In her role, McArthur educates faculty members and informs policies to ensure equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility are considered at every phase of research.


  • Building Information Modeling
  • Facility Management
  • Occupant wellness and productivity
  • Existing building simulation
  • Smart building systems
  • Portfolio retrofit optimization
  • Sustainable building design
  • Agile project management in architecture & engineering practice

Selected Highlights

  • Smart Building Analytics Living Lab
  • Building Information Research Group
  • Quinn, C., Shabestari, A.Z., Misic, T., Gilani, S., Litoiu, M. and McArthur, J.J., 2020. Building automation system-BIM integration using a linked data structure. Automation in Construction, 118, p.103257.
  • Shohet, R., Kandil, M.S., Wang, Y. and McArthur, J.J., 2020. Fault detection for non-condensing boilers using simulated building automation system sensor data. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 46, p.101176.
  • McArthur, J.J. and Powell, C., 2020. Health and wellness in commercial buildings: Systematic review of sustainable building rating systems and alignment with contemporary research. Building and Environment, 171, p.106635.
  • Bortoluzzi, B., Efremov, I., Medina, C., Sobieraj, D. and McArthur, J.J., 2019. Automating the creation of building information models for existing buildings. Automation in Construction, 105, p.102838.
  • McArthur, J.J., Shahbazi, N., Fok, R., Raghubar, C., Bortoluzzi, B. and An, A., 2018. Machine learning and BIM visualization for maintenance issue classification and enhanced data collection. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 38, pp.101-112. 
  • Existing Building Commissioning Task Group, Natural Resources Canada
  • Editorial Board, Intelligent Buildings International
  • Jennifer McArthur BIM and Existing Building Consulting (2016-present)


Year University Degree
2023 University of Edinburgh Business School Ph.D. (Management)
2003 University of Waterloo MASc
2003 University of Waterloo Certificate in University Teaching
2001 University of Waterloo BASc

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
ASC 522 Project Economics
PM 8001 Integrated Project Planning
PM 8201 Emerging Design & Construction Processes