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Jenn McArthur

Jenn McArthur
Associate Professor
BASc, MASc, PEng
416-979-5000 ext. 554082

Areas of Specialization

Building information modeling

Facility management

Occupant wellness and productivity

Existing building simulation

Smart building systems

Portfolio retrofit optimization

Sustainable building design

Agile project management in architecture & engineering practice


Year University Degree
2003 University of Waterloo MASc
2003 University of Waterloo Certificate in University Teaching
2001 University of Waterloo BASc

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
ASC 522 Project Economics
PMT 822 Procurement & Construction Management
ASC 520, ASC 620 Integration Studio


Jenn McArthur has had many memorable scuba dives, but few can top a trip she took to the Caribbean island of Bonaire. “I was 80 feet down, surrounded by reefs, and the water was crystal clear,” she says. “It felt like I was flying between mountain ranges.”

Diving helps McArthur reconnect to the natural world. It’s a connection that drives her every day in her research, which is helping to lower the environmental impact of buildings through data analytics. Diving also gives her a chance to entertain her inquisitive side. Every time she drops off the back of a boat into the waves, she experiences the sea in a new way. “The whole ocean feels ripe for discovery.”

Describing herself as endlessly curious, McArthur spent six years doing development work in India and Senegal, and even made it through several rounds of the Canadian Space Agency’s astronaut recruitment process. If McArthur can encourage her students to do anything, it’s to explore the unknown, to try and fail, and get back up and try again. “The students who take the risks are the students who thrive.”

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Jenn McArthur

"I take developments from big data, cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to help us operate healthier and more sustainable buildings."

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  • Smart Building Analytics Living Lab
  • Building Information Research Group
  • Director, Canada Green Building Council (GTA Chapter)
  • Technology Director, Board, Subtle Technologies
  • Editorial Board, Intelligent Buildings International
  • Jennifer McArthur BIM and Existing Building Consulting (2016-present)