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Approved Students

We can't wait to meet you! On this page, you will find important actions you must take to reserve your spot at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), as well as some additional resources for approved students. For additional steps on how to prepare for fall, visit New Students.

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Three Steps to Reserve Your Spot at TMU for Fall 2023

Confirm your intentions to study at TMU in fall 2023 by the deadline date stated in your offer letter. If you do not accept your Offer of Admission by the deadline date, your Offer will expire.

Accepting an offer from one program/university will not cancel pending applications to other programs and/or universities. However, you may have only one offer acceptance on file at a time. You must first cancel your previously accepted offer before you can accept another offer.

How to Accept Your Offer

OUAC Application

If you applied to TMU via the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC), you must log in to your OUAC account to accept your offer. Go to the OUAC website (external link, opens in new window)  to respond to your offer. 

When you have successfully accepted your offer, you will immediately receive a single confirmation number. If you do not receive a confirmation number, your changes and responses were not saved and you should try again. After submitting your response to the OUAC, you will be locked out of your account for 1-3 business days. We recommend that you log back into your account after that time, to ensure that your acceptance was received.

Your ChooseTMU applicant portal will also be updated with within two business days if the confirmation of your offer was successful.

Other Applications

If you applied to TMU using a TMU Application Form or other form (not including the OUAC), you must confirm your Offer of Admission via MyServiceHub.

To confirm, log in to (opens in new window)  and select the MyServiceHub tab. Your Offer of Admission will show in the Admissions section. Click on the Accept/Decline link for the offer you want to accept, and Accept Admission and Confirm Acceptance. See MyServiceHub Support - Admissions for detailed instructions.

  • Tuition Deposit Payment Start Date: May 15, 2023
  • Tuition Deposit Payment Deadline: June 6, 2023
    (or date stipulated in Offer of Admission, if different)

How to Pay Your Deposit

Pay through your Canadian bank account by selecting “Ryerson University” or “Toronto Metropolitan University” as a payee. Use your nine-digit TMU Student Number as your account number.

If you do not have a Canadian bank account, you can make your payment via one of three international payment options. Visit How to Pay Your Fees for detailed instructions on how to make a payment.

Allow three to five business days for your deposit to be applied to your MyServiceHub student account. See How to Confirm Your Deposit Was Received for more information.

 Undergraduate Programs

Deposit Amounts
  • Full-Time Undergraduate Program: $500 (non-refundable*)
  • Part-Time Undergraduate Program: $200 (non-refundable*)
  • Lincoln Alexander School of LawDeposit amounts and deadlines differ

*The tuition deposit is non-refundable except in the following cases:

  • The university cancels/revokes an Offer of Admission
  • An application for a Study Permit has been denied (proof required)

Students applying to live in Residence: please note that a $50 residence application fee payment must be made in addition to your Tuition Deposit.

Thinking about paying your tuition deposit using the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)?

While the application for 2023/2024 full-time OSAP may be available, your funding will be released in installments in September and January. As the tuition deposit is due June 6, 2023, OSAP funding will not be available to pay this fee.

How can I confirm that TMU has received my tuition deposit?

You can confirm your tuition deposit was received by TMU and access a Deposit Statement via your Student Center on MyServiceHub. See How to Confirm Your Tuition Deposit Was Received for details.

 TMU English Language Institute (ELI) Programs

The following payment due dates are based on TMU ELI programs with an end date leading to start the TMU Undergraduate program in fall 2023.

ESL Foundation Program - Payment Information and Due Dates
  • ESL Foundation Program (one term): $16,900 CDN (payment due July 31, 2023, or later if stipulated in Offer of Admission)
  • ESL Foundation Program (two terms): $32,900 CDN (payment due July 31, 2023, or later if stipulated in Offer of Admission)
  • Pre-ESL + ESL Foundation Program (two terms): $37,499 CDN (payment due June 5, 2023, or later if stipulated in Offer of Admission)
English Boost - Payment Information and Due Dates
  • English Boost: The tuition fee is $8,995 CDN (payment due June 5, 2023, or later if stipulated in Offer of Admission).
  • Pre-English Boost + English Boost: $13,594 CDN (payment due July 31, 2023, or later if stipulated in Offer of Admission)

 Common Questions

What happens if I don’t pay my tuition deposit or I miss the deadline?

TMU strictly enforces payment deadlines. To maintain your admitted status your tuition deposit must be paid correctly and on time. If we do not receive your payment on time, we will assume that you no longer wish to pursue studies at TMU and your place in your program will be cancelled. 

If your offer is cancelled because we did not receive your tuition deposit on time and you would like to have it reactivated, please contact ServiceHub. The acceptance of late payments is solely at the discretion of Undergraduate Admissions and subject to confirmation of available space. Payments received and processed after the deadline will be reviewed on this basis.

When do I pay the remaining tuition balance and fees?

Fall term tuition and fees will be posted on your MyServiceHub student account in early August, and your tuition deposit payment will be applied toward the balance.  Note that fees are based on course enrolments, so your posted fees may change as you adjust your fall term course enrolments. Fall term fees are due at the end of September.

Winter term tuition and fees will appear on your MyServiceHub account in October, and are due in late January. For details on deadlines, visit the Undergraduate Calendar.

I need help. Who can I contact about the tuition deposit?

Students who require assistance and are committed to attending TMU may contact

It is your responsibility to meet the academic admission requirements stated in your Offer of Admission by June 30th, unless otherwise stated in your offer letter. Conditions may include completing your high school or college diploma, achieving a required overall average, passing prerequisite courses with the required grades and/or submitting final official academic transcripts.

Here’s what you need to know about your conditions:

  • You need to review your final grades and confirm you meet the conditions of your offer. You will know whether or not you meet your conditions before TMU, as we do not review conditional Offers until the summer months, after final grades and standings are received. By this time it is too late to upgrade or make alternative plans for September.
  • Admission averages are based on two decimal places and are not rounded.
  • Admission averages for secondary school applicants are based on the best six Grade 12 U or M courses, or equivalent. See Admission Requirements for equivalent requirements.
  • You are responsible for ensuring Undergraduate Admission receives your final,  official results by the deadline stated in your offer letter. The method of submission depends on your application method:
OUAC 101 (Current Ontario Secondary School)

Final grades and confirmation that you have obtained your Ontario Secondary School Diploma will be sent to TMU by your guidance counsellor, via the OUAC. It is your responsibility to inform your guidance office about enrolment in ALL of your courses, including summer, night and/or online. Review the courses and grades provided by your guidance counsellor in the Current High School Information and Grades section of your OUAC 101 application.

OUAC 105 / Other Applications

You are responsible for submitting your official academic transcripts, confirming final grades and graduation status, to Undergraduate Admissions. You should confirm in your ChooseTMU applicant portal that your final transcripts have been received, and follow up if they have not.

Important Notes:

  • The OUAC forwards final official college and university results only if requested on the OUAC application.
  • Final Ontario college and university results requested to be sent via the OUAC may take up to six weeks from the end of the term to be received.
  • Final OUAC results include final winter term grades, and do not include spring/summer term results. Applicants enrolling in spring/summer courses, must arrange for the submission of final transcripts at the end of the term.
  • Institutions will send final official transcripts to TMU only upon your request.   
  • TMU transcripts are not required as Undergraduate Admissions has access to your TMU results, including the Chang School.
  • Visit Document Submission and Official Transcript Submission Instructions for more information on transcript submission.

What if you don’t meet your conditions?

Contact Undergraduate Admissions at the ServiceHub as soon as you know you do not meet the conditions of your Offer. You will be connected with an Admission Officer who will look into your file. Note: TMU does not verbally extend or remove any conditions of admission. Additionally, you can refer to Non-Approved Students for information and suggestions for denied or cancelled applicants.

It is important that you carefully read all pages of your Offer of Admission, available in the "My Communications" section of your ChooseTMU applicant portal. We recommend that you save a copy for your records. TMU reserves the right to withdraw Offers of Admission made to students who fail to: respond by the acceptance due date specified in an offer letter, make a deposit by the tuition fee deadline, and/or meet the conditions outlined in an Offer of Admission.

Additional Information for Approved Students

An Offer of Admission is valid only for the term/year specified in the offer letter. Generally, students who receive an Offer of Admission and wish to commence their studies in a subsequent year must reapply for admission for that year. Only in the case of a serious, extenuating circumstance will a request for a deferral be assessed. Such a request must be submitted using the Request for Deferral of Admission Form.

Admitted international students are to print their Letter of Acceptance (LOA). This is available in the "My Communications" section of your ChooseTMU applicant portal.  We will not send the LOA by courier. This printed document is required for the study permit application process, which can take several weeks to complete. You should start the study permit application process as soon as you receive an offer. Contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada (external link, opens in new window)  for complete details.

Please share the status of your study permit application with TMU through the “eForms Center” in MyServiceHub on (opens in new window) . Visit the International Student Support website for additional information on preparing to study in Canada.

For study permit applicants, please note that you will be required to include TMU's Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number on your application. Our DLI number is O19395677651.

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