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The unprovoked war currently unfolding in Ukraine is heartbreaking, life-altering, and disastrous. The damage to infrastructure, but more importantly the escalating numbers of human losses and massive displacements of the Ukrainian people is irreversible and insurmountable.

We strongly condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On February 28, 2022, President Mohamed Lachemi wrote a statement (opens in new window)  with regards to these events in TorontoMet  Today, stating that the university is monitoring the situation and is providing support.

In the face of this shocking human suffering, our thoughts turn to the many Toronto Metropolitan University's students, faculty, and staff who have personal connections to Ukraine and the wider region. As well, to all members of our community who have been impacted by these recent events with families and friends now directly or indirectly impacted as a result of this armed conflict.

In response, a group of Toronto Metropolitan University's faculty members has organized a Faculty Working Group on Supporting those Impacted by the War in Ukraine (Support Ukraine Group). Our project team has developed a list of resources, news and expert opinions designated to support our community members as well as educate about the conflict.

The University currently is offering support to students and employees through TMU Centre for Student Development and Counseling (opens in new window) , Keep.meSAFE health counseling (opens in new window)  and the employee and family assistance program (opens in new window) .

As we all try to understand the ramifications of the war in Ukraine, some of our own TMU colleagues are sharing their expertise – in this TMU publications and initiatives page, we've collected research articles providing a better historical understanding of the region and current conflict.

People are asking what they, as individuals – and what TMU, as a university – can do to help at this time of deep crisis. Our working group has identified initiatives to which people may wish to consider donating. Please visit our donation page.

Emergency Bursary


The Support Ukraine Group has raised funds to provide financial support for those impacted by the war in Ukraine. 

If you are a current TMU student in need of financial support due to the impact of the war in Ukraine, you are welcome to submit  (google form) this application form (external link) . Currently we are accepting applications on a continuing basis.

Please note, there are limited funds available and submitting this application form does not guarantee bursary approval. 

If you have any questions, please contact International Student Support (ISS) at