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Employer Resources

Learn ways in which you can attract and retain early talent, and how our unique, industry-focussed co-op preparatory program (for our 2,200+ students) is supporting the successful transition of Ted Rogers students into the workplace.

An Overview of the Ted Rogers Co-op Prep Program

In 2022, we asked the Supervisors of our Co-op students what resources they would like us to provide them.

They shared the desire to learn more about our leading-edge Co-op Prep Program, as they had observed, first hand, the value it provided students while on a work term.

This report outlines our vision behind our Co-op Prep Program at TRSM and the elements that make it successful in supporting students on their first work term.

Read the full report to learn more. 

Best Practices for Onboarding & Offboarding Co-op Students

We surveyed over 1,000 Co-op students in the Summer 2022, and asked what they most appreciated about their onboarding experiences. This report summarizes their feedback and highlights that students value regular check-ins with their immediate Supervisor, access to technology, and some structure to their first two weeks of onboarding.

Read the full report to learn more.