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Wastenot Farms

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"Coach Rick Findlay provided some incredible insights with his financial expertise. The co-working space was an asset and the training sessions in Marketing, Finance and Recruitment really helped lay a strong foundation for the growth of my business. As for support, discounts on events and vendor fees really helped out financially."

Jocelyn Molyneaux, Founder

Wastenot Farms is an earthworm hatchery located north of Toronto that collects food waste to make worm castings biofertilizer (worm manure) as an all-natural substitute to synthetic fertilizers.

Wastenot Farms works with offices through their Green Bins Growing program that closes the loop on food waste, transforming office lunchtime leftovers and paper napkins into natural, nutrient-rich soil using the power of nature's composters, red wiggler worms. Office food waste is composted on their local worm farm and transformed into rich, nutrient-dense soil full of micronutrients and macrobiotics. Totally natural, totally sustainable.

50 office partners 


5000+ employees composting

50+ retailers selling Jocelyn's Soil Booster