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Residence Terms & Conditions

TMU’s vaccination policy and daily health screening requirement through RyersonSafe has been suspended as of May 1, 2022. As announced by the university, as of June 1 the mask policies have been suspended as well. Although masking will no longer be a requirement of attendance on campus, the university strongly recommends that all staff, students, faculty, visitors and contractors continue to wear a mask or face covering while indoors to limit the transmission of COVID-19. Additionally, physical distancing continues to be recommended whenever possible.

The university continues to monitor the impact of COVID-19 in our city and province, and will be nimble in responding to changes, and in planning for the future. The university may need to reinstate requirements for vaccinations and masks in indoor settings along with other measures should public health indicators change. 

All individuals on campus are responsible for following any current government guidelines or measures in place in regards to COVID-19. 

Defined Terms

For the purposes of these Housing and Residence Life Summer Terms and Conditions, (the “Contract”), references to “Resident” refer to each individual guest who is accommodated in a Residence (regardless of whether the individual is a member of a group), and references to “University” refer to Toronto Metropolitan University. The “Residence” refers to the International Living/Learning Centre Residence, the Pitman Hall Residence or the Daphne Cockwell Complex, as applicable. This Contract applies to all Residents.

Limited to Term of Occupancy

The Residence and the room assigned to the Resident (the “Room”) are not intended for year round occupancy. This Contract is solely for the provision of summer accommodation for the Resident at the Residence for the term specified in the attached Group Booking Agreement.

Room Assignment

Room assignments are made by the University’s Housing and Residence Life office. Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to reassign rooms as deemed necessary or appropriate. The Room offered and assigned to the Resident is to be occupied by no one other than, or in addition to the Resident.

Items Left Behind

Any items left in the Room at the end of the term of this Contract are deemed to be abandoned by the Resident. Housing and Residence Life will discard any items left behind by the Resident. Housing and Residence Life and the University are not responsible for mailing items back to the Resident and will not compensate the Resident for items that have been discarded. The Resident agrees to indemnify Housing and Residence Life and the University for any costs, damages, or other expenses arising out of or in any way connected with the disposal of items left behind in the Room or the Residence by the Resident.


The following acts are prohibited by the Resident and the occurrence of any such acts by the Resident may result in a demand for financial restitution, suspension of privileges, termination of this Contract, removal from the Residence and/or the application of an administration charge of $200.00 to the account of the Resident:

  1. The violation of any federal, provincial or municipal law, rule, order or regulation.
  2. Tampering with fire safety equipment at the Residence or on University property.
  3. Violation of overnight privileges or damage to the Residence building, University property, or property of another resident in the Residence.
  4. Use of profanity, abusive language or violence whether physical or otherwise objectionable to another resident of the Residence, guest or Toronto Met employee.
  5. Possession of weapon(s) or firearm(s) of any class or kind in the Residence or on University property.
  6. Bringing or keeping of pets of any kind in the Residence.

Smoking and Vaping

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act prohibits smoking and vaping in enclosed work and public places to protect workers and the public from the hazards of second-hand smoke. This Act applies to all University residence rooms. The Resident is responsible for payment of a $500 room recovery fee for any smoking or vaping in the Room. Consistent with the direction to minimize second-hand smoke, signs have been posted across campus to advise community members and visitors that smoking and vaping is prohibited with-in 9 meters at all building entrances. The no smoking and vaping policy at building entrances also addresses the health and safety concerns of those affected by smoke entering campus facilities. Under the City of Toronto No Smoking By-law, individuals found to be in violation are subject to fines up to $5,000 for each offence.

Alcohol, Cannabis and Other Drugs

  1. It is illegal and against Ontario liquor laws for minors (under age 19, in Ontario) to possess, sell, procure, or consume alcohol. It is illegal and against Toronto Metropolitan University policy for any person to consume alcoholic beverages in a common area on University property that is not licensed. It is illegal and against Toronto Metropolitan University policy to have open alcohol in hallways, common lounges, or stairwells on University property.
  2. The use, trafficking or possession of illegal drugs is a criminal offence and is prohibited in the Residence.
  3. It is illegal and against Ontario law for minors (under age 19, in Ontario) to possess, sell, procure, or consume cannabis. Smoking or vaping of cannabis is prohibited in the Residence. Any consumption of cannabis (other than smoking or vaping) is restricted to non-public spaces inside the Residence (in suite/bedroom) and any such consumption must be conducted in accordance with all federal, provincial and municipal law, and University policies.
  4. The production of cannabis (growing) is strictly prohibited in the Residence. 


The Resident shall ensure that the Room and common areas are kept in a clean and orderly state, and free from all refuse at all times. The Resident shall ensure that the Room is reasonably cleaned for inspection upon departure. If the Room requires additional cleaning, the Resident will be charged a rate of $200 plus taxes that will be applied to the Resident’s final residence account. Vacuum cleaners are available at the Front Desk. The Resident and all other residents are expected to clean their dishes and the kitchen facility immediately after use.


All residents, including the Resident, are expected to have individual and collective concern for the protection and preservation of the residence and its grounds.

  1. The Resident expressly agrees that he/she is responsible for any damage caused to his/her room or common living area.
  2. The Resident assumes an equal collective financial responsibility for any damage caused to common areas, if such damage cannot be traced to those directly responsible.
  3. The Resident expressly agrees that he/she will not directly or indirectly cause, or fail to take reasonable steps that may prevent, damage, vandalism, or willful destruction to any room in the Residence.
  4. The Resident expressly agrees that window screens must not be removed.
  5. The Resident will be held responsible for any shortage or damage to the Room and furnishings. If the furniture is rearranged, it must be replaced to its original location before checking out. Total repair cost for damages to the Room will be billed to the Resident.

Damage fees will be charged as per billed invoice (per damage) to the credit card provided for the Resident. The Resident agrees that his/her liability for this charge is not waived or limited.

Quiet & Consideration

Excessive noise levels (disturbances, talking, music and TV) will not be tolerated. Security and Housing and Residence Life staff will make patrols enforcing quiet hours: 11pm (Sunday to Thursday) and 12am (Friday & Saturday) to 8am. The Resident and the Resident’s guests are expected to show respect for fellow residents and the University properties. The Resident acknowledges that many summer residents are students taking summer courses on campus.


Overnight visitors are NOT permitted at the Residence. If the University, in its sole discretion, believes that a visitor is living the Residence, the visitor may be banned or asked to leave by Housing and Residence Life.

  1. It is the Resident’s responsibility to make sure his/her visitor is informed of the Residence policies and acts accordingly. The Resident assumes complete responsibility for any unacceptable behavior by his or her visitors. Any visitor may be asked to leave if at any time, it is believed that the individual is not acting in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Contract or any University policy.
  2. For security purposes, all visitors must be signed in at the Residence Front Desk every time they enter the building and the visitor must show Photo ID prior to entry into the Residence. Day visitors are permitted until 11pm.
  3. Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to restrict or change the visitor policies at our discretion. Residents will be given advance notice regarding any change in policy.

Repairs And Renovations

Toronto Met Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to undertake repairs and renovations in the Room over the summer period. The University will provide any resident that is affected (including the Resident) with prior notice of repairs and renovation in the Room and, if necessary, the University will provide the Resident with a temporary room.

Right Of Entry

Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to enter the Room for the purpose of maintenance work or fire alarms and for a monthly inspection of cleanliness. Housing and Residence Life will provide the Resident with 24 hours prior notice of the need to enter the Room (except in emergency situations).

Firearms And Weapons

For the protection of residents, firecrackers, knives, firearms, lethal weapons or any object considered dangerous or perceived as dangerous to the well-being of fellow residents are not permitted in the Residence.

Care For Ill/Sick Students

Housing and Residence Life does not have the facilities, resources or expertise to deal with residents that become ill or sick. If the Resident becomes ill or sick, the Resident is responsible for caring for himself or herself or finding the appropriate health service provider to assist him or her.

Force Majeure

To the extent that the University is unable to fulfill, or is delayed or restricted in fulfilling, its obligations under this Contract by any cause beyond its control, the University shall be relieved from the fulfillment of its obligations during that period and the Resident shall not be entitled to any reduction in fees or any compensation as a result thereof. Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the University shall not be responsible for failing to meet its obligations under this Contract due to acts of God, including fires, floods, earthquakes, severe weather conditions, flu pandemic, intervention by civilian or military Version: January 31, 2018 authorities, governmental legislation, or other unforeseen developments. Toronto Metropolitan University reserves the right to require that the Resident immediately vacate the Room and the Residence if a situation occurs in which safety measures are compromised.

In-Line Skates

It is against University policy to wear in-line skates in any building on campus, including residences. This includes going from the Room to the front door.

Smoke Detectors/Fire Extinguishers

The Resident agrees that he/she shall NEVER tamper with any part of the Fire Safety System in the Residence (e.g. disengaging any smoke alarm, heat detector or fire extinguishers in the building, etc). Doing so is a Criminal Offence and will result in criminal charges and immediate expulsion from the Residence. If the Resident causes a false fire alarm because of reckless or inappropriate behavior, the Residence will be charged by the City of Toronto Fire Department $500.00 for each Fire Engine that responds. If the Resident believes that he/she is responsible for setting off the alarm, the Resident should notify the Front Desk as he/she evacuates the building. Failure to inform the University and/or deliberate tampering with smoke alarms or heat detectors will result in charges being passed on to the Resident.

Open Flames

Open flames are not permitted In the residence, this includes, but is not limited to, lit candles, incense, lamps requiring combustible fuel, etc.


Residence does not have storage space for bicycles. The Resident is welcome to use outside bicycles racks. Toronto Met Housing and Residence Life does not assume any responsibility for loss, theft or damage. The Resident and any visitors of the Resident are not permitted to store bicycles in the Room or anywhere else in the Residence under any circumstances.

Insurance And Personal Property Liability

The University assumes no liability for any of the Resident’s personal articles in the event of loss, damage, theft, fire, flood or other catastrophe whether from the Room, baggage/storage rooms, or elsewhere on University campus. The Resident is advised to obtain insurance coverage while staying in the Residence.


Kitchen and lounge area are not equipped with eating and cooking utensils. Residents (including the Resident) are responsible for providing and cleaning their own supplies.


The Resident’s Room is equipped with a linen package which includes 1 pillow, 1 pillow case, 2 bed sheets, 1 blanket, 1 bath towel and 1 hand towel. The Resident must return the entire contents of the linen package upon check-out. Failure to return complete set of linen will result in a charge of $200.00 to the Resident’s account.

Internet Access In Guest Rooms

Wireless internet is available in each Room free of charge. The Resident is required to provide their own computer. Technical support is not provided by the University.

Privacy Statement

The University has a policy on protection of personal information and an access procedure. This policy is available from the University's Board Secretariat, which has been appointed by the University as the administrator responsible for such issues. For more information, please visit


This Contract shall commence on the first day of accommodation in the Residence by the Resident and, unless terminated earlier in accordance with the terms of this Contract, shall terminate on the check-out date specified on the attached Group Booking Agreement provided that the obligation of the Resident to pay amounts outstanding to the University shall survive any termination or expiration of this Contract. If the Resident i) breaches any of the terms or conditions set out in this Contract; ii) fails to pay any fees or other payments due under this Contract; and/or iii) engages in or has a guest who engages in persistent disruptive behavior, the University may, in its discretion, by written notice to the Resident, terminate this Contract. Upon receipt of a notice of termination, the Resident shall vacate the Room within the timeframe for vacating specified in the written notice of termination. A $200 administration fee will be charged to the Resident’s final account for termination in accordance with this Section. 

Right to Refuse Accommodation

Toronto Metropolitan University, Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to refuse Room accommodation at its discretion. If the Resident’s request for Room accommodation cannot be fulfilled, 100% of the deposit will be refunded.