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Supports for Indigenous students

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Supports for Indigenous students

Starting in Fall 2021, counselling support provided by an Indigenous counsellor is available for Indigenous students and is being offered as part of the university‚Äôs response to the ongoing uncovering of undocumented burial sites at Indian Residential Schools. The continued uncovering of undocumented burial sites adds further layers to the intergenerational/historical trauma experienced collectively by the Indigenous community. 

For students, coping, academic success, and maintaining overall wellbeing can be additionally challenging due to the impacts of trauma. It is the collective responsibility of the campus community to create spaces that centre Indigenous students, faculty and staff and to attend to the community's grief and anger with healing and action.

Indigenous students can connect with Lisa Lafreniere, Indigenous trauma counsellor, nutritionist, and social worker, through the CSDC by contacting:

  • Sloan (Jo) Miller, Traditional Counsellor, Aboriginal Student Support, (, or 
  • Eden Abraham, Counsellor, CSDC, (