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Part-Time OSAP

Undergraduate, Law and Continuing Education Students: If you’re taking one or two courses a term, you can apply for part-time OSAP (one course if you have a disability). If you’re taking more courses than that, please apply for full-time OSAP.

Graduate students in a part-time program regardless of their course load, must apply for part-time OSAP. However, if you are a graduate student with a disability, you can apply for full-time OSAP. Please note that your disability must be confirmed on your OSAP application by completing an approved Disability Verification Form

Note: Graduate students in a part-time program, regardless of their course load, must apply for part-time OSAP.

When you apply for part-time OSAP, you’ll be considered for funding to help with your tuition, books, and fees—make sure you have a plan to cover your living expenses, as part-time OSAP does not assess you for living costs. Also, note that you have to re-apply for part-time OSAP every term (i.e. separate application for fall, winter, and spring/summer).

Can I be full-time and part-time in the same year?

Yes! If you were, for example, taking one or two courses in the fall and three or more courses in the winter (two or more if you have a permanent disability), you would submit two applications—one for part-time OSAP and one for full-time OSAP. If you have questions about the process, be sure to contact our office.

How to Apply for Part-Time OSAP

We recommend submitting your OSAP application and all required documents at least two months before you begin your studies. This will ensure your OSAP is processed and ready to go for the start of term.

For final application and document submission deadlines, check out the Important Dates and Deadlines page.

At the end of your application, scan and upload your documents. Your required documents are listed on your OSAP application.

Document processing usually takes about 3 to 6 weeks from your date of submission for review, with longer processing times at the start of the term. You can view our OSAP document processing times on the home page of our Student Financial Assistance website. When your documents have been processed, you will receive a status update via your OSAP message centre.

Keep an eye on your OSAP message centre regularly—if we need anything else from you, we’ll be in touch through there.

Note: If you applied for full-time OSAP in the current academic year and are now applying for part-time OSAP, you may have additional documentation to provide. While the process of applying for full-time and part-time OSAP are similar, they are unique applications.

When your documents have been processed, you will receive a funding update communication through your OSAP message centre.

Our office will confirm your enrolment electronically and your funding will be released via online disbursement. Funding will first be directed to your TMU student account (MyServiceHub) to be applied towards outstanding tuition. The remaining funding (if any) will be directed to your bank account. You can check your funding summary page for a breakdown of your OSAP assessment and funding disbursements.

OSAP funding is released by the lender of student loan funding, the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) (external link, opens in new window) . OSAP funding typically deposits fully within 5 to 10 business days after confirmation. We encourage you to track your funding online using the NSLSC Funding Tracker.

Check your MyServiceHub account to make sure your OSAP funds arrive. OSAP didn’t cover all your fees? Remember to pay the outstanding balance. To avoid interest, we recommend paying by the beginning of October (when monthly interest of 1.25% will begin). 

Important: Students must re-apply for part-time OSAP each term (i.e. fall, winter, and spring/summer each require their own application).

At the end of every term, we check your academic progress. We check your academic progress at the end of every term. As an OSAP recipient, you are expected to pass all of the courses for which you received part-time OSAP funding. Don’t worry—we’re not checking your academic average; OSAP academic progress is assessed on a pass/fail basis. 

If you do not pass all the courses for which you were funded, you will be required to self-fund the next time you are enrolled as a part-time OSAP student.

Please note that TMU Academic Probation is not the same as OSAP Academic Progress. We encourage you to review our website to learn more about OSAP Academic Progress.

If you’re returning to part-time studies—within six months of the end of your study period—you have two options to stay out of repayment and maintain interest-free status:

  1. Apply for part-time OSAP again: When we confirm your enrolment, the National Student Loan Service Centre (external link, opens in new window)  loan centre is notified that you are still in part-time studies and places your loans back into interest-free status.
  2. Apply for interest-free status: If you don’t want to apply for part-time OSAP again, and will be continuing part-time studies, you can submit a  (PDF file) Schedule 2 (external link, opens in new window) . This application should be submitted to our department for review. If approved, the Schedule 2 will keep your loans interest-free and defer repayment. Be sure to apply within the deadline by checking out our important dates and deadlines web page.

Not returning to part-time studies? Visit the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) website to learn more about repaying your loans (external link, opens in new window) .