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Part-Time OSAP Zero Income Attestation

Typically, the part-time OSAP application is able to electronically verify your previous taxation year’s Canadian income through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). 

However, if your Canadian income cannot be electronically verified, you will be asked to provide documentation to satisfy your proof of income. 

A common reason that an applicant’s Canadian income may not be electronically verified is that the applicant did not file taxes for the previous taxation year, due to not earning any income during that time.

If you have applied for part-time OSAP and indicated that you did not file Canadian taxes for the previous taxation year, you will need to submit an attestation as proof of these statements. Note that this attestation must be true and accurate, the CRA will be checking!

Please upload your document to your OSAP portal for review. This letter must include: 

Personal information (required)

  • Your first name(s)
  • Your last name(s) 
  • Your TMU Student Number
  • Your TMU email address
  • Your signature (an electronic signature is permissible)

Attestation (required)

  • I attest that I have not filed Canadian taxes for the previous taxation year with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

  • I attest that I earned [insert the amount of income here, even if you earned $0] in Canadian income during the previous taxation year

Explanation of financial situation (required)

  •  Please provide a brief explanation as to how your daily living costs were being fulfilled, based on your income. 

Submitting your documentation

You can upload your documents to the Required Documents page of your OSAP portal under the “proof of income”  and “explanation of financial situation” tab. If you are unable to upload here, please use the “optional uploads” tab located at the top of the Required Documents page. 

Once uploaded, the Student Financial Assistance team will review your documents within three to six weeks from your date of submission. Once reviewed, you will receive a status update through your OSAP message centre. You can also track our document processing status every week by reviewing the OSAP Document Processing Time.