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Part-Time OSAP Academic Progress Letter

Please note that this web page is for part-time OSAP students only.

Full-time OSAP students who are placed on OSAP Academic Progress should refer to the “OSAP Acknowledgement Letter” listed on their OSAP portal Required Documents page.

If you received full-time OSAP and were placed on OSAP academic progress, your status carries forward to your part-time OSAP application during your progress period as well. 

As a full-time OSAP recipient, you are expected to successfully complete a 60% course load (3 courses per term), or a 40% course load (2 courses per term) if you have identified as a student with a permanent disability on your OSAP application. OSAP does not look at your average; academic progress is assessed on a pass/fail basis.

Students who do not complete the minimum course load as outlined above, and/or transfer programs/schools, are placed on OSAP Academic Progress.

You are still eligible to receive OSAP funding while on OSAP Academic Progress after providing a brief explanation. 

Please upload your document to your OSAP portal for academic progress for review. This letter must include: 

Personal information (required)

  • Your first name(s)
  • Your last name 
  • Your TMU Student Number
  • Your TMU email address
  • The date
  • Your signature (an electronic signature is permissible)

Explanation of academic situation (required)

Please provide a brief explanation for each of the following questions:

  • Indicate the circumstances that led to you being placed on OSAP Academic Progress (please attach any relevant documentation if you experience extenuating circumstances such as a medical condition, family crisis, pregnancy or parental leave, etc. Please note we reserve the right to request more documentation, if needed).
  • What steps/strategies will you take during your OSAP Academic Progress period to ensure academic success?
  • What are your current academic objectives and career goals?
  • If you self-identify as having a permanent disability on your OSAP application, what strategies/supports will you receive from Academic Accommodation Support, or any other academic service(s) you are accessing?
  • If applicable, what is the reason(s) that led you to make multiple school/program changes/transfers? Please provide: 
    • Any supporting documentation that provides a rationale for these changes; and 
    • A copy of your transcript if you have transferred from another post-secondary institution.

Submitting your documentation

You can upload your documents to the Required Documents page of your OSAP portal under the "academic progress" tab. If you are unable to upload here, please use the “optional/other uploads” tab located at the top of the page. 

Once uploaded, the Student Financial Assistance team will review your documents within 3 to 6 weeks from your date of submission. Once reviewed, you will receive a status update through your OSAP message centre. You can also track our document processing status every Monday morning by reviewing the OSAP Document Processing Time on our student financial assistance website.