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Senate Priorities Committee (SPC) Membership - 2023-2024 (15 Members)




Mohamed Lachemi

President and Vice-Chancellor (Chair)

Kateryna Metersky

Vice-Chair, Senate

Roberta Iannacito-Provenzano 

Provost and Vice-President, Academic

Kimberley McCausland (Interim)

Vice Provost, University Planning

Sean Kheraj  Vice-Provost, Academic

Donna Bell

Secretary of Senate (non-voting)

Elected Senators



Cynthia Holmes

Dean, Ted Rogers School of Management   

Chris MacDonald Faculty Senator, TRSM

Alex Ferworn

Faculty Senator, FoS

Jennifer McArthur Faculty Senator, FEAS
Ravi Ravindran Faculty Senator, FEAS
Farrokh Janabi-Sharifi Faculty Senator, FEAS

Nathan Sugunalan

Undergraduate Student Senator, FOA

Hetu Virajkumar Patel Undergraduate Student Senator, FOS
Christopher Randall  Graduate Student Senator