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Liberal Studies Curriculum Committee (LSCC)

Ad hoc committee of the Academic Standards Committee (ASC)


The LSCC reports directly to the Academic Standards Committee (ASC) and is chaired by the Vice Provost Academic (or designate).  It provides recommendations to the ASC on proposals for new liberal studies courses and other matters concerning the liberal studies curriculum.


  • Two (2) representatives from each Faculty (Arts, Communication and Design, Community Services, Engineering and Architectural Science, Science, Ted Rogers School of Management) appointed by their respective Dean.
  • Two (2) student representatives appointed by the Vice Provost Academic following a transparent process that is publicly announced.
  • One (1) Chang School representative appointed by the Dean of the Chang School.

Between meetings of the Liberal Studies Curriculum Committee, the Chair of the Committee may impose exclusions made necessary by curriculum modifications.

Liberal Studies

Deadline / The deadline for submission of liberal studies course proposals is May 26, 2023.  

Contact / If you have any questions or require assistance in developing a Liberal Studies course, do not hesitate to contact the Liberal Studies Coordinator, Ryan Walters at

Please refer to the Guidelines for the Development of New Liberal Studies Courses (external link, opens in new window)  if you would like to submit a new proposal.

Note / Proposals for liberal studies courses will be assessed by Liberal Studies Curriculum Committee (LSCC) that is chaired by the Vice Provost Academic (or designate) and that reports to the Academic Standards Committee.  

The LSCC will convene in June to assess liberal studies course proposals, according to the criteria outlined in the attached guidelines. The LSSC will provide feedback to course proposers, with recommendations for suggested changes, and will reassess the proposals in September, prior to making its recommendations to the Academic Standards Committee. The Academic Standards Committee will then conduct a final assessment and make its recommendations to Senate.

Detailed information on the requirements of liberal studies courses can be found in Policy 2: Undergraduate Curriculum Structure (see Section 5.3).