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Academic Standards Committee (ASC)

As per Senate Bylaw #1:

6.5.1. Composition:

Senate shall consider each year a list of members as detailed below. Senate may approve or reject the list in its entirety, but may not alter the list. the Vice Provost Academic (VPA), who shall serve as chair two (2) members of the faculty from each of the Faculties of Arts, Community Services, Communication and Design, Engineering and Architectural  Science, Science, and the Ted Rogers School of Management, and one (1) faculty member from the Faculty of Law; faculty members are appointed by the Deans of their respective Faculties for a two-year term two (2) representative of the Chang School, appointed by the Dean of the Chang School for a two-year term; one (1) Librarian, appointed by the VPA upon recommendation of the Dean of Libraries for a two-year term; two (2) students, appointed for a one-year term by the VPA, who shall solicit nominations from the Associate Deans responsible for undergraduate studies; the Director, Curriculum Quality Assurance (non-voting), who shall serve as Vice-Chair; and The Vice President Equity and Community Inclusion (VPECI) or designate; the Registrar; the Secretary of Senate (non-voting).

6.5.2. Terms of Reference:

to provide advice to Senate with respect to the quality of both operating and proposed undergraduate programs (degree, diploma, certificate, and special-purpose programs), including, but not necessarily restricted to: undertaking periodic program reviews; assessing new undergraduate program proposals; assessing curriculum modification proposals; reviewing and formulating policies governing undergraduate curriculum structure; and such other matters as referred to it by Senate or by the Provost and Vice President Academic.

6.5.3. Subcommittees:

The ASC may establish such subcommittees as are required for it to carry out the mandate assigned to it by this Bylaw or by other Senate policy. The activities of any subcommittees should be included in reports to Senate by the ASC.

6.5.4. Reporting:

The ASC reports directly to Senate regarding its recommendations about undergraduate curriculum (e.g., new programs, program reviews, program changes) and about the work of its subcommittees, if any. It directs to the AGPC recommendations regarding change to policy or to the structure specified in this Bylaw.