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Academic Governance and Policy Committee (AGPC) Membership - 2022-2023 (18 Members)


Name Role 
Roberta Iannacito-Provenzano (Interim)   Provost and Vice President Academic (Chair)
Sean Kheraj  Vice Provost, Academic (Vice Chair)
Jen McMillen Vice Provost, Students
Cory Searcy Vice-Provost and Dean, Yeates School of Graduate Studies
Robyn Parr  Registrar
Donna Bell Secretary of Senate (Non-voting)




Daphne Taras

Dean, Ted Rogers School of Management

David Checkland

Faculty, Arts

Kateryna Metersky

Faculty, Community Services

Mandana Vahabi Faculty, Community Services

Ravi Ravindran

Faculty, Engineering & Architectural Science

Dejan Delic

Faculty, Science

Sergiy Rakhmayil

Faculty, Ted Rogers School of Management

Esther Ignagni Senate Chairs' Representative

Lena Patterson

Chang School Program Director

Jenny Kim

Undergraduate/Law/Chang Student Senator

Maya Taylor 

Undergraduate/Law/Chang Student Senator/Student Union Rep

Mughanum Butt

Graduate Student Senator