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Academic Governance and Policy Committee (AGPC)

As per Senate Bylaw #1: (opens in new window) 

6.3.1. Composition:

There shall be ex officio members, and members selected in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.3 as follows: the Provost and Vice President Academic, who shall serve as Chair; the Vice Provost Academic, who shall serve as Vice Chair; the Vice Provost, Students; the Vice-Provost and Dean, Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies; the Registrar; one (1) Faculty Dean elected by and from the Faculty Deans; seven (7) faculty Senators representing at least five (5) of the Faculties, at least one of whom is a Chair/Director, elected by faculty Senators; one (1) Senate Associate Chang School Representative; one (1) student Senators elected by and from all undergraduate  (Faculty and At-Large) and Law student Senators in accordance  with Article; one (1) student Senator elected by and from all undergraduate  (Faculty and At-Large), Law, Continuing Education and any union-elected student Senators in accordance with Article; one (1) graduate student Senator elected by and from all graduate student Senators in accordance with Article; and the Secretary of Senate (non-voting).

6.3.2. Terms of Reference: To propose, oversee, and periodically review Senate bylaws, policies and University procedures regarding any matter within the purview of Senate, except those matters for which responsibility is specifically assigned by this Bylaw to another entity; to recommend to Senate the establishment of Policy Review Committees, each mandated by Senate to undertake a periodic review or special review of an existing policy or policies in a policy area; to ensure that such Review Committees draw substantially on appropriate experience and expertise in the policy area; and to ensure that appropriate co-ordination with other existing policies occurs by, as appropriate, having a Policy Review Committee report to the AGPC rather than directly to Senate; to propose new Senate policy in areas when and where there is no current policy and it is advisable, prudent and/or necessary that there be policy; and to nominate to Senate a special sub-committee of the AGPC to research and draft such policy; and to forward the draft policy to Senate for consideration; to report to Senate with a Committee recommendation on all matters referred to AGPC by Senate or any Senate Committee; and to request reports from other University committees, sub-committees or departments whose business has an academic policy dimension, or a substantial effect on the academic mandate or performance of the University.