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Transformation through collaboration: Connections for a shared world
Innovation Issue 37: Fall 2022

Message from the Vice-President, Research and Innovation

Message from the Vice-President, Research and Innovation

Collaboration is essential to great research and discovery. Bringing diverse perspectives, tapping a wide range of expertise, engaging in partnerships and working with key stakeholders across communities, disciplines and globally are important. It is critical to find pathways through the greatest problems and challenges, and to drive innovation and real-world solutions that will generate a lasting impact. And importantly, we must train the next generation of talent and leadership.

As a globally connected urban university, our researchers are reaching across the Faculties and disciplinary boundaries to collaborate, as well as activating new relationships and strengthening existing partnerships with government, industry and community stakeholders. 

This edition of Innovation features examples of our researchers working with government partners, including municipal, provincial and federal agencies, to effect change. Together, they are addressing challenges such as expanding public transit, analyzing Ontario’s waterways, fighting disinformation and examining immigration policies. 

Transformational change is being brought about through efforts like one project that sees researchers working with police departments and stakeholders across the province to improve officers’ responses to mental health crises.

This issue also showcases our researchers working together with industry to fast-track the mobilization of innovations to the marketplace. Our faculty are leading the way to a more sustainable world, helping address climate change through technologies such as geothermal energy and next-generation, plant-based meat alternatives. 

Producing innovative creative contributions takes teamwork. Here, we feature a researcher who joined forces with entertainment organizations and community members to bring their knowledge and expertise on racism to the small screen to benefit both child and adult audiences. 

The critical opportunities and challenges of our time will not be fulfilled or solved by one person alone. Collaboration is critical to our future, and our researchers at Toronto Metropolitan University are forming the connections that will create change now and for decades to come. 

I hope you enjoy this edition of Innovation

Steven N. Liss, PhD
Vice-President, Research and Innovation

Toronto Metropolitan University's Vice-President, Research and Innovation, Steven N. Liss, stands smiling with the university's urban campus behind him.