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Publications & Citations

Two indicators of Ryerson’s rising research impact are the total number of SRC publications produced by faculty members, and the number of times they have been cited in other publications.

In 2015-16, Ryerson researchers produced 1,237 academic publications, which represents more than 28.1% growth from 2014-15. Our researchers were cited 13,329 times by other scholars, which represents a 29.4% growth from 2014-15.*

Ryerson University has outperformed all other undergraduate-focused universities in producing peer-reviewed academic publications, an increase of 764% over the last 15 years.


*Note: Academic publications include journal articles, conference papers and book reviews. Totals fluctuate as information is made available..

Source: Web of Science, Thompson Reuters as of November 9, 2016.



Academic publications in 2015-16


Citations of Ryerson researchers by other scholars


Increase in citations over the previous fiscal year