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From Idea to Marketplace

Ryerson is a leader in conducting research through collaboration with industry, non-profit, and government, providing expertise and resources to its partners at every step of the journey from idea to marketplace. Recognizing that the development and commercialization of inventions supports our mission to contribute to the societal and economic benefit of Canada, our faculty and students are increasingly engaging with partners on innovative projects ranging from increasing diversity on governance boards to developing new drone designs.

Invention disclosures are a measure of the number of potentially commercializable inventions arising from the university, with the goal of transferring the technologies into the marketplace through either licenses or new company creation. In 2015-16, Ryerson researchers filed 50 invention disclosures, an increase of 47% over the previous year. The University helped support the filing of 7 patent applications arising from those disclosures and provided expert guidance to faculty who were looking to undertake commercialization of their intellectual property.



Invention disclosures


Increase in number of invention disclosures filed over the previous year


Patent applications filed

Robert Clapperton (Professional Communication) has developed a web-based virtual teaching platform named Ametros Learning, which improves student proficiency in communication through the use of interactive digital simulations. One of the uses of Ametros is a simulation that places students into a professional narrative where they are given a position and projects in a fictitious company and can interact with artificially intelligent characters, while professors oversee and supervise the process. With the help of IBM Watson’s Conversation application, Ametros provides an immersive and experiential learning interface. Simulations are currently offered in business and engineering communication at Ryerson and the University of Michigan, with simulations in public relations and legal education coming in 2017.

Professional Communication Researcher, Robert Clapperton, sits at a computer desk with his hands folded.
Robert Clapperton