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Certificate in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management

The Certificate in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management was founded in 1998. This was the first interdisciplinary university certificate program in nonprofit and voluntary sector management in Canada. 

Nonprofits and charities engage residents and develop communities, provide important programs and services, and contribute to innovation and change. The nonprofit sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of employment in Canada. Nonprofits organizations are diverse and operate in a range of sectors including, health, law, sports, arts, unions and much more.  Many nonprofits operate social enterprises – businesses that provide employment with a social purpose and some provide opportunities for people who face employment barriers.You will find the sector operating around the world, through large organizations such as the International Red Cross and OXFAM and smaller nonprofits working with children or youth in local communities.

The scope of activities in this exciting sector varies greatly, and offers many opportunities to explore.

This unique Certificate program offers the following:

  • an interdisciplinary curriculum pooling knowledge from public administration, human resources and organizational behaviour, and marketing.
  • a practical blend of theory and application taught by academics and practitioners
  • a wide range of current and relevant courses covering key areas such as marketing, financial management, fundraising, advocacy, strategic planning, program evaluation, organizational management, and organizational change