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  • Congratulations to MA graduate Leland Harper (external link)  (Class of 2012) whose latest book, Racist, Not Racist, Anti-Racist: Language and the Dynamic Disaster of American Racism (external link)  (Lexington), is featured on the 2023 TMU Alumni Booklist!

  • The department is delighted to announce that Dr. Daniel Rubio (external link)  will join the faculty on July 1st, 2023. His areas of specialization are Metaphysics,  Ethics, and Formal Epistemology / Decision Theory, and his Areas of Competence are Philosophy of Religion, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Language, and Philosophy of Science. Welcome, Daniel!

  • The 12th Annual Toronto Metropolitan Philosophy Graduate Conference will take place on March 18-19. For details and to register, click here (external link) .
  • Congratulations to recent MA graduate Marco Tang, who has been acceped into PhD programs in philosophy at York University, McMaster University, and at the University of Waterloo! Congratulations also to MA student Evelyn Stoesser, who has been accepted into the B.Ed. program at York University!

  • The university has launched a postdoctoral fellowshp program for Black scholars. Eligible and interested scholars are encouraged to apply. [More information.]

  • Congratulations to Prof. Liz Jackson (external link)  on being awarded, and serving as the Project Co-Director for, a major new research grant entitled "The Psychology of Faith: Academic Cross-Training". This grant will fund academic cross-training in the psychological sciences for scholars of Christian theology or philosophy of religion with research interests relating to religious belief or religious commitment.  Six successful applicants will each receive a $70,000 award providing the opportunity to engage in a 2-year intensive study in the psychological sciences, in order to apply and leverage insights from the psychological sciences in their work as theologians and philosophers. [More information (external link) .]

  • The department is seeking applications for a tenure-track position in Metaphysics. Applications are due on December 1st. [More information.]

  • The department will offer a workshop on how to apply for a PhD in philosophy. It will take place on Friday, September 30th, 3:00-5:00pm, in KHE321B. The workshop will cover considerations for and against pursuing a PhD, the graduate school admissions process, and how to start brainstorming, drafting and workshopping content for a graduate school application essay and other materials. It will be led by Prof. Liz Jackson, Prof. Michael Milona, and Prof. Jeta Mulaj.

  • Prof. Boris Hennig is running a Maimonedes reading group and also a Hannah Arendt reading group this year. For more details, contact him directly at:

  • Welcome to all our incoming BA and MA students, and welcome back to our returning students! We wish you all the best for the academic year ahead!

  • On September 9th, 8:00pm, Michael Huemer (external link)  (Colorado) will discuss his paper, entitled "Disembodied Souls Are People Too!" in virtual event hosted by our MA students, together with students at Biola University. For details, contact Anthony Rowden at

  • Prof. David Hunter (external link) 's new book (On Believing: Being Right in a World of Possibilities (external link) , OUP 2022) has been featured on an episode of the New Books Network podcast (external link) 

  • The philosophy department is delighted to announce that Prof. Jeta Mulaj, Prof. Jennifer Kowolowski, and Prof. Pirachula Chulamon will join the faculty starting in academic year 2022-2023.