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A rising centre of excellence in the North American philosophical community, TMU’s Department of Philosophy offers a distinctive program leading to a Master of Arts (MA) degree in philosophy. Located in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant downtown, the program contributes to the thriving research culture in Canada’s largest and most cosmopolitan city.

Focused on core areas of philosophy, the program is designed for students who wish to broaden or deepen their undergraduate experience in philosophy and for students planning to pursue a PhD in philosophy. Our innovative 5-term program includes both a Major Research Paper stream and a Thesis stream.

Many of our students choose to continue their philosophical studies at the PhD level, and we have had great success placing our students in outstanding doctoral programs. Our students have been accepted into programs at Oxford, UCLA, McGill, the University of Toronto, Emory, DePaul, Vanderbilt, and many more. To view the entire list, please click on the red "Students & Graduates" tab above.

Students will gain

The program includes courses on the nature of the human self; the grounds of our moral and political obligations; the nature, value, and limits of knowledge; the meaning of aesthetic and religious claims; questions about the ultimate nature of reality ... and much, much more!

Students will explore classic and contemporary works from leading figures in a wide range of philosophical traditions.

Students will gain broad exposure to the core traditions, eras and topics in philosophy, which will position them to gain entry to, and succeed in, top PhD programs.

The program aims to develop the analytical, communication, organization, study and research skills needed to succeed in the profession - and in the broader world of work.

Apply Now

Applications received by February 15th will be given first consideration, although we will continue to accept applications after that date until all spots are filled.

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