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David Checkland

David Checkland

Associate Professor
Education1991 Ph.D (Philosophy) University of Toronto. [Dissertation: Wittgenstein and Davidson: Meaning and Agreement]; 1981 M.A. (Philosophy) University of Alberta [Thesis: Grammar and Religious Discourse]; 1978 B.A. (Philosophy/History) University of Alberta
Phone416-979-5000 ext. 6164
Areas of ExpertisePersonal Autonomy/Decision-Making Capacity/Mental Competence; Philosophy of language (especially Speech-Act Theory, Metaphor and the pragmatics/semantics distinction); Media and non-linguistic "messages"; Philosophy of religion

Selected Publications & Presentations

(2009) "Beasts, Norms, Intentions, Language," in D Hunter, ed. Belief and Agency, Canadian Journal of  Philosophy, Supplementary Vol. 35 (299-334)

(2006) "Realms of Discourse: DZ Phillips and Religious Expression," Theology and Religious Studies, Vol. 25:1 (37-79)

(2001) "On Risk and Decisional Capacity," Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, Vol. 26:1 (35-59)

(2000) "Responsibility, Entitlement, and Justice in Teen Parenting" (w. James Wong), Social Philosophy Today, Vol. xv: Cultural Integrity and World Community, C Hughes and Y Hudson eds., Lewsiton, NY (379-398)

(1999) "Evaluating Faulty Judgment in Capacity Assessment," (w. Michel Silberfeld), Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, 20:4 (377-393)