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Academic Accomodations vs Academic Considerations

At a Glance:

An academic consideration is typically for any student who experiences extenuating circumstances (health or compassionate grounds) that impact their ability to meet specific academic obligations (ex. submitting an assignment by the deadline), and temporary modifications or alternate arrangements are needed. 

An academic accommodation is typically for a student with disabilities who experience barriers to accessing their education or participating in their studies. An accademic accomodation is provided by Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) and is a planned varriation or modification in the way a student participates in a course. 



Scholarships & Awards


Student Learning Support

At a Glance: 

At Student Life and Learning Support, we build diverse communities and support you as a learner. We provide opportunities for you to discover your talents, explore, skill-build, express your identities, create meaningful friendships and connections, and build your learning success toolkit. 


Library Services

Toronto Metropolitan University Libraries
350 Victoria Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M5B 2K3

Performance Subject Librarian: Ann Ludbrook 

As a student in the City of Toronto you are eligible for a Toronto Public Library card! A Toronto Public Library card gives you access to the physical and digital collections and many other services. 

Full branch directory here (external link) 


International Opportunities

At a Glance: 

Students at The Creative School have access to semester exchanges abroad, international virtual intensives, the global campus studio, and other travel intensives. Information on international opportunities is kept up to date on The Creative School webpage.