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How to Request Official Transcripts

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) is partnered with MyCreds, powered by Digitary, to issue official transcripts in a secure digital format. MyCreds is a leading digital credential expert and platform for certifying, sharing and verifying academic credentials. The digital transcripts produced by this service are certified and considered official. They can be shared securely with educational institutions, employers, immigration authorities and other third parties.

Transcript Request Process:

  1. Order and pay for your transcript in MyServiceHub. Please follow the instructions available below for this process. Transcripts cost $20 CAD per copy. You will not need to enter any recipient address when you submit your order in MyServiceHub (opens in new window) .
  2. Share your transcript through the MyCreds Learner Portal (external link, opens in new window) . Once you receive an email from MyCreds telling you that your transcript is ready for sharing, you can log into your secure MyCreds Learner Portal account using your TMU username and password. This is where you can enter a recipient email address to share your transcript. Please do not create your own account on MyCreds as you will not be able to retrieve your transcripts this way.

Please visit the Official Transcripts on the Current Students website for more details.

Order an Official Transcript in MyServiceHub

  1.  If you run into difficulties logging in, the following options will assist you: 

    If you have a different issue with MyServiceHub, please contact the CCS Student Help Desk.

  2. Once you have logged in to your portal select the MyServiceHub tab.

    MyServiceHub link in the top navigation on
  3. Make sure your email address is up-to-date before you begin the transcript request. You can update the email address on file through your MyServiceHub account by using the How to Update an Email Address tutorial.

    Important: MyCreds will use the email address on file in MyServiceHub to send the link to your transcript and important instructions. You are responsible for making sure all email addresses are correct. For current students, notifications and instructions for transcript orders will be sent to your TMU email address.

    If you have a Hold on your account, your transcript will not be issued until the Hold is lifted or the obligations to the university are resolved. The Holds section of your Student Center in MyServiceHub will show if you have a hold.

  4. Select the Academic Records tile.

    Academic Records tile selected on MyServiceHub Student Homepage.
  5. Select Request Official Transcript.

    Request Official Transcript selected from left menu of View Grades page
  6. The Request Official Transcript page has information and instructions for completing your request. After reviewing the information, click Continue to start your transcript order.

    Share Transcripts screen includes instructions to use MyCreds Learner Portal. The Continue button and the Review Orders button are at the bottom of this page.
  7. Confirm that your email address you checked in Step 3 is reflected in your transcript order.

  8. If you attended the university before 1984, you can provide information about your program and years of attendance in the Program Information section.

    Click Continue to Transcript Order Details.

    Program Information (Years of Attendance): Indicate if you attended prior to 1984. Section includes button to continue to transcript order details.
  9. In the Transcript Order Details section, you can choose when the transcript is needed and choose delivery options. Select Electronic Transcripts from the drop-down menu and enter the number of transcripts (Share Credits) you would like to order. Each share credit lets you send the transcript to one individual or organization.

    For example, if you need to send three transcripts to three schools for graduate studies applications, then you will need to order and pay for three share credits.

    Transcript Order Details: Indicate from the drop-down menu when the transcript is needed and select transcript delivery options. Select the number of electronic transcripts to share through the MyCreds portal.

    Deferred dates allow you to postpone processing your transcript until after grades are available on MyServiceHub. This would be a date after the end of term, or soon after you have graduated so that the transcript shows your graduation date and program. The defer date is important for students who are currently attending or who have recently graduated.

    If you need a transcript after the end of a term or immediately after you have graduated, select the appropriate option in the "Indicate When Transcript is Required” section on your transcript order. It is not possible to hold an official transcript order for grade changes or grades submitted after the grading deadline published in the Significant Dates calendar.

    Current students must review their unofficial transcript for accuracy and completeness before placing an official transcript order. Official transcripts will not be reissued if there is a revision to the academic record like a course drop or a grade revision. For these situations, students must place a new official transcript order.

  10. Once you have filled out all the information in the Transcript Order Details section (including the number of Share Credits you need), click Save and Review Orders.

    Transcript Order Details: Save and Review Orders button highlighted in bottom right of section.
  11. On the Review Orders page you can edit, delete and review your request. Click the Make Payment button once you are ready to finalize your order and pay.

    Important: Transcript fees are non-refundable.

    Review Orders: View, delete or edit your order. Includes request date, required-by date, delivery details, payment status, payment reference number, number of transcripts ordered and the total amount due. Make Payment button is included at the bottom of this section.
  12. The Official Transcript Order Agreement outlines your obligations and responsibilities when requesting and paying for your request. You may still cancel your request at this point. Click "I Agree" to proceed.

  13. The Payment Details page allows you to view the total amount of Share Credits you are purchasing. Transcripts cost $20 for each share. Click Pay Now to proceed to the secure payment site. Enter your credit card details on the Payment page and click Submit.

    Payment screen includes order summary, total payment due and a link to Pay Now.
  14. The Transcript Payment Confirmation page will appear once your payment is complete. It will display the transaction reference number, credit card authorization code, payment amount, and transaction date. Keep track of this information for your reference.

  15. For information on how to retrieve and share your transcript, please visit the Official Transcripts page on the Current Students website.