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Our Curriculum

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There's More to Engineering than Building and Inventing.


Proudly offered within the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS) at Toronto Metropolitan University. 

Entrepreneurship is more than just starting your own company. It’s a mindset that can’t simply be learned from lectures alone.

That’s why we offer a 16-month Master's program delivered through practices of actionable theory, which focus on the process, as well as the outcome. 

Following the "Lean Startup'' methodology, our program fosters your ability to think creatively in your quest to develop meaningful innovation and provide real value to users using sound engineering practices. You’ll explore the multifaceted steps toward building a company, from understanding your customers’ needs, building out a working prototype, and finally putting a product out into the market. 

Take a look at our curriculum developed and taught by leading industry and business professionals to learn more. 

Learn While You Build

Through an 8-month-long project, you'll have the chance to take your startup idea to the next level.


The Masters in Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship program brings together some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors to connect, teach and develop our students. Our faculty members have a deep and extensive understanding of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and specialize in various areas such as; emerging technology, energy and sustainable innovation and biomedical engineering.

Your Lab Space

The Innovation Boost Zone (opens in new window)  collaborates closely with the Master of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship program and its students, offering them the freedom to work within our office and lab space. IBZ hosts a range of events, workshops, and talks specifically designed to cater to the needs and preferences of MEIE students and other startup founders who aspire to grow with an entrepreneurial mindset.

This space provides an excellent opportunity to access different elements of the TMU Zone Learning Ecosystem and engage in project collaboration, meetings, and networking. Additionally, IBZ offers a diverse selection of equipment and tools for borrowing and sharing, including an exciting Makerspace with a 3D printer and much more.

image of the innovation boost zone office