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You have the engineering skills, learn how to build the future.

Housed under the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Sciences, the Master of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MEIE) Program is for the next generation of change-makers and innovators that want to make a real impact. 

The MEIE program provides students the experiential playground to apply their expertise in a new lens. MEIE students gain cross-transferable skills needed to build a startup, run an innovation team, and/or create meaningful societal impact.

"The MEIE Program was an amazing journey that changed the way I think about starting a business."

Juned Munshi, MEIE Graduate, 2019

Our Program Offerings

Located in the heart of downtown

Downtown, Toronto -  the biggest innovation district in Canada. Toronto sits in the middle of the Innovation Corridor (external link) , a portion of the Toronto to Waterloo region that consists of 15,000 tech companies and over 5000 tech startups.


Courses delivered by industry experts

The MEIE courses are delivered by highly successful industry experts and practitioners with real life business experience who have a passion for teaching. This includes CEOs, VPs, and former founders. 

TMU's entrepreneurial ecosystem 

Access to the Zone Learning Network - home to the DMZ, the #1 university incubator in the world according to UBI Global in addition to the 10 other early stage incubators covering a variety of industries.

Through this network, you can get access to resources from 3D printing tools to community events.

Access to funding opportunities

Various funding opportunities from scholarships to grants. Funding is available locally at Toronto Metropolitan University and beyond.

Network of mentors and advisors

Build your professional network with a pool of over 30 mentors in various industries that can guide you through the learning experiences in the program.

IBZ team photo

Innovation Boost Zone membership

Full membership to Innovation Boost Zone (IBZ) - an early stage tech incubator at Toronto Metropolitan University, and access to its co-working space.