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General Admission

  • Completing of a four-year undergraduate engineering or science degree from a recognized institution with a minimum grade point average (GPA) or equivalent of 3.00/4.33 (B) in the last two years of study
  • Resume/CV
  • Statement of Interest
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Professional work experience is highly desirable
  • Interview

No, students are not required to have a startup idea before the program start.

No - you will not need to secure a supervisor for this Master's program.  You will work with a series of mentors and advisors who will be appointed to you based on your startup idea.

No, a GMAT or GRE are not requirements for this program.

Yes, you can change your reference by emailing In the email, please include the program name (Master of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship), your name, student number, referees name and correct email address to request the change.

Unfortunately, no. Due to the volume of the applications received by our Graduates Admission Office, the team cannot notify everyone individually. It might take a couple of weeks to be for admission to be cleared. 

Ideally, reference letters should be from academic referees (i.e., former professors or research supervisors familiar with the applicant’s abilities). If necessary, one of the 2 academic referees can be substituted by a professional referee (i.e., a current or previous employer who can provide a professional reference).

Candidates that meet the criteria will be contacted for interview within a week.


We offer our own electives, but if you meet the prerequisites in other graduate programs, you can join that course and use it as an elective towards this master.

Yes, there is a part-time stream available for domestic students. Note: If you apply to part-time studies, you will not have the same access to wards and scholarships as full time students.

The idea must be technology based, and solve a real problem.

You can find more detailed explanations of courses at MEIE courses here (opens in new window) 

All of our core courses offered by our centre take place between 6-9pm, in the evenings. In addition, times of elective courses taken out of the program will vary.

Yes, you are eligible to apply. All TA positions are posted through Toronto Met careers. Apply here (opens in new window)  if you are interested.

Graduates of this program can expect to do a multitude of things after this program. Ideally, students will graduate with the start-up they created in this program, others might expect to receive a leadership position for a tech company and/or be in charge of new business development. In addition, some will continue to work as consultants or Innovator/Entrepreneur-in-residence for companies.

Budget, Tuition, Fees & Scholarships

Current tuition breakdown for the domestic program can be accessed  (google sheet) here (external link) .

Current tuition breakdown for the international program can be accessed  (google sheet) here (external link) .

All deposit information and transactions are made via the Registrar's office. Please review their specific instructions.

Tuition is due at the start of each semester - not all up front.  An example from the most recent breakdown is as follows: Please note - each course is referred to a unit.

Semester #1 Fall 2018 - you will take 2 courses [one core + one elective]

Semester #2 Winter 2019 - you will take 3 courses [one elective + one core + one practicum]

Semester #3 Spring/Summer 2019 -  you will take 3 courses [one core + one practicum + the technology commercialization project]

Semester #4 Fall 2019 -  you will take 2 courses [one practicum and go-to-market project]

The full-time duration of the program is 16 months - September 2020 till December 2021. Some students will choose to complete the program part-time and will spread the program over three years.

Our program does offer limited entry scholarships for both domestic and international. 

Please refer to our Funding and Scholarships page for detailed information on what is offered exclusively to MEIE students. 

General Admission

Toronto has a diverse offering of housing arrangements, and the cost of living as well as where you live will vary greatly. For more information on housing and, you can visit TMU Housing.

For more information on how to prepare for studying internationally at Toronto Metropolitan University, please visit International Student Support.

Our admissions office take care of the conversion. For more information, you can visit Toronto Met Admission's page.

Academic Program


IELTS- Academic



Master of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship





For more information on English language proficiencies and TOEFL tests, please visit here (opens in new window) 

If the medium of instruction during your undergraduate education was a language other than English, you will need to submit an English Proficiency Test that meets our minimum requirement. This should be met prior to applying and must be met before an application is reviewed.

If your post-secondary education was in a country whose official language is not English but the medium of instruction was English, you will be required to submit proof such as an English medium letter issued directly by the institution. More information can be found here (opens in new window) .