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World University Services of Canada (WUSC)

World University Services of Canada (external link)  (WUSC) is an international Canadian non-profit organization established in the 1950s and aims to improve education, economic, and empowerment opportunities for youth around the world. As an official Sponsorship Agreement Holder in Canada, WUSC has an agreement with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. This agreement enables WUSC to privately sponsor and bring refugee students to study in Canada as permanent residents. WUSC identifies refugee students who are in need of resettlement and grants permission to WUSC partner academic institutions (external link)  across Canada to sponsor under WUSC’s name.

Members of the WUSC Local Committees arrange financial and social support for each sponsored student during their first year of study in Canada. Volunteer committee members also offer daily social and academic support to students in the Student Refugee Program (SRP).

WUSC Toronto Metropolitan University. Committee

The WUSC Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) Local Committee is a group of students that raises awareness about international development issues worldwide. The TMU Local Committee also facilitates the Student Refugee Program (SRP). The SRP sponsors and supports students with refugee backgrounds to come to Canada to study and become permanent residents. At Toronto Metropolitan University, we call these students "WUSC Scholars." Key duties for the WUSC TMU Local Committee include:

  • Providing resettlement support to students with refugee backgrounds by offering connections, academic support, and integration support through the Student Refugee Program (SRP).
  • Educating and advocating for social change by organizing awareness-raising events about global issues and refugee issues that reach youth across Canada.

The WUSC Program at Toronto Metropolitan University is supported by International Student Support and funded through the student levy.

History of WUSC at Toronto Metropolitan University

The WUSC Local Committee was launched in 2008-2009. Toronto Metropolitan University welcomed the first WUSC scholar in the Student Refugee Program (SRP) in 2009-2010.

At Toronto Metropolitan University, we refer to students who arrive through the Student Refugee Program (SRP) as WUSC scholars. WUSC Toronto Metropolitan University has sponsored a total of 12 WUSC scholars to date. These students have come to Toronto Metropolitan University to study at the undergraduate level from various different countries of asylum including Kenya, Malaysia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Malawi. WUSC scholars have studied in the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, and Faculty of Community Services at Toronto Metropolitan University.

WUSC Toronto Metropolitan University and other Local Committees across campuses in Canada support WUSC scholars through a student levy. This is a small amount of money that is part of the ancillary fees of tuition. In May 2010, there was a referendum held to contribute funding to the WUSC SRP program. The referendum was approved by Toronto Metropolitan University full-time undergraduate students and the Board of Directors.

Get Involved!

WUSC Local Committee Roles:

  • Chair & Ambassador
  • Secretary
  • Communications Lead
  • Community Development Lead
  • SRP Transition Assistant
  • Events Assistant
  • Graduate Student Representative


International Student Support
Lower level, Podium Building
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5B 2K3

416-979-5000 ext. 6634

*Reception closed during COVID-19 University closures.

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