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Status Letters for International Students

International Student Support (ISS) provides letters for international students in support of their varying administrative needs and immigration responsibilities.  With extensive knowledge and expertise on immigration compliance, legal and special issues affecting international students, ISS provides Status Letters that are effective in supporting international students’ unique situations.

Status Letters are prepared for varying purposes including study permit, work permits, temporary resident visa and US visa applications, spouse/family immigration applications, and much more.

Full-time enrolment definition for immigration purposes

To be considered an international full-time undergraduate student, you must be enrolled in a full-time program in three or more billing units (typically three or more courses) each term.

International graduate students admitted to a full-time program are considered full-time so long as they remain enrolled in each semester of their program. All graduate students must be enrolled in GD 1000 or GD 1001. 

All status letters processed by ISS will contain Toronto Metropolitan University's Designated Learning Institution number (O19395677651).

To request a status letter, you will need to log into your MyServiceHub account. You will see ‘eForms Centre’ on the bottom right corner of your Student Homepage after logging in. Please click on ‘eForms Centre”. Please proceed to select “International - Status Letters” under “eForms Centre” on the left hand side of your screen. It is very important that you select “International -Status Letters” or your request may be directed to another office.

For step-by-step details, please access our  (google doc) 'How to' guide: Request a status letter on eForms for international students (external link) . If you are unsure if you require a status letter, or more than one status letter, please email to confirm prior to making your request as payments are non-refundable.

International students must pay the applicable fee(s) before a request can be accepted and processed. This is done online directly within the eForms platform. The cost of each letter is $20 CAD.

You may submit a status letter request online by completing all required sections in the eForms Centre and selecting the appropriate letter for your specific purpose. Your request will be finalized upon making a payment. You will receive an email notification confirming that your request was received. If you are not certain of which type of letter to select, contact the ISS office at for assistance. 

Please note that our rush service will not be available at this time.

Students will receive their status letters via email. Letters will be sent from the account to a student’s email address.